Jun 29, 2013


The Dress

I was extremely nervous about this process, I was self consious and did NOT want to try dresses on. What if I couldn't find something! what if I hate the dresses? What if I just settle because nothing works?.....I searched pictures for a while and saw an Allure dress online that I was interested in trying on. When I called I was told its a 2013 dress and that it wouldnt be in store til April 2013! To my luck in October Allure had a pre 2013 showing for a week and I was lucky enough to go see it. When I got there the dress had been shipped out for a photo shoot, but was told Allure had a similar one in that new 2013 line and to try it on. It was the first wedding dress I ever tried on....IT WAS THE ONE!!!!!

Dresses that I liked before dress shopping: Inspriation:

Love the work on this!

My dream dress!!! way out of my budget 10k++

Allure 2013 The dress I originally wanted to try on, later when it came back I tried it, still went with my first pick.

Allure 2013 style 9003 

The first dress I tried on!!!!

After I found my dress I still had fun and tried different styles on, I was curious to see how I looked in different styles. It only confirmed how much I loved my dress!

The DRESS!!!!

Look at how similar my inspiration dress is to the dress I pick!!!! Love Allure!!!!

Day of Wedding!!!!

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