Jun 29, 2013


Wedding Invitation

I went to numerous invitation stores in the bay area and looked through so many books. Most invitations in my price range were just to simple for me. The few I found that I liked were way above my range $14+. I started searching styles on Etsy and ordered a few samples. I found a shop that had an invitation I liked but it was still missing something. The Shop owner Allison and I worked together and in the end were able to design and Invitation that I had been wanting. Shop name on Etsy:ThePerfectGiftShop Owner:Allison

The orginal design Allison:

Wedding Invitation photo 1

I ended up ordering square crystal buckles from a wholesaler from china and having them shipped to Allison. Wedding Invitation photo 2

My Wedding Invitation: I fell in love with them once they were completed. It was exactly what I wanted. We did a silver folio with champange inserts and purple writing. The ribbon was purple with a silver crystal buckle and crystal rhinestones added in the center of the damask symbol.

Wedding Invitation photo 3

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These are gorgeous and match your wedding theme perfectly!