Jul 13, 2013



Sorry for being late to do my recap, but we barely had time to come home this past week.

I’m still not recovered from the wedding. It was so amazing but tiring also. I feel like I need to sleep 3 days in a row to get me back together.

So, let the recap begin…

I woke up early on Saturday morning feeling the anxiety of the day finally being here. We set up the final touches in the house, like displaying the tray we would use in the church, the basket with the shoes, my jewelry, the red cloth ect for the dressings. I left the veil to be put on the last minute for it to not get wrinkled much.  

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-1 Sorry for being late photo 3481643-2

                                                                                                                     (the backet)

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-3

(the tray for the church)

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-4

(the chair I would sit during the dressings with the embroidered pillow)

The food I ordered from a local bakery for the dressings got delivered at 10pm and the make-up artists and my cousin the hairdresser arrived soon after.

They set the work station in the living room where there was good natural light and we started getting ready.

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-5


Sorry for being late photo 3481643-6 Sorry for being late photo 3481643-7

I found the opportunity to grab some food, knowing that it would be difficult to find time to eat later in the day.

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-8

The musicians got here at 14:30 and I got down the stairs for the dressings at 15:00

I don’t have pics from the dressings yet but I will get them from friends as soon as possible!

When we were all done at about  16:30 we got some time for fun pics wile people were getting ready to jump in the cars and head for the church.  My aunt took some really good ones!!! Hope I will have them soon.

As the church was in another town we had set a meeting point near the church for my uncle to wait for us with the classic car and my side of friends and family to meet and head all together to the church in a car procession pumping the car horns and all. We do that in Cyprus both for the groom and the bride arriving to the church. Some of my friends got there a bit early and the groom’s procession past by them and they told me they had fun waving and pumping their horns to them and joking with the groom’s side as they were driving by.

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-9

I got there soon after (at 17:45) and we got some pics with the car before hopping in it and driving to the church. 


Sorry for being late photo 3481643-10 Sorry for being late photo 3481643-11

Sorry for being late photo 3481643-12 Sorry for being late photo 3481643-13

My man was waiting for me at the entrance of the church with his parents and mine walked me to him. Just before reaching each other our parents stepped back to let us meet.

My man was waiting photo 3481646-1 My man was waiting photo 3481646-2

(him acting silly while waiting for me)

My man was waiting photo 3481646-3 My man was waiting photo 3481646-4

My man was waiting photo 3481646-5 My man was waiting photo 3481646-6

(He has a really annoying habit to never close his eyes when kissing. But I love him anyway.)

The people that came to the church went inside to get a seat and we walked the church aisle together with the priest guiding us by the hand.

My man was waiting photo 3481646-7 My man was waiting photo 3481646-8

My man was waiting photo 3481646-9

My man was waiting photo 3481646-10

We had the ceremony and then we got out and we had a balloon release and rice and petals thrown, and we kicked a vase of water to spill the water and walk on it. This is for “our life together to run as smooth as water”.

My man was waiting photo 3481646-11

(married!!!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!)

My man was waiting photo 3481646-12 My man was waiting photo 3481646-13

Then I did the bouquet toss and my SIL got it!

My man was waiting photo 3481646-14 My man was waiting photo 3481646-15

My man was waiting photo 3481646-16

My man was waiting photo 3481646-17

We got some formal pics taken in front of the church and them we hurried to the reception hall. People were already waiting for us there and we took our places to greed people coming to the wedding, congratulating and giving us their gift.

This took about 3 hours.We had about 1700-1800 people coming. All the guests, after greeting us, got their cookie favor and headed to the buffet to get served and find somewhere to seat. During this time the DJ had a screen and he projected the original video clips of the songs he played as an entertainment for our guests. (Of course, in the Cypriot way, people came and go as they pleased, so by midnight there were only the closest friends and family left, about 300 people.)

At about 22:30 we headed up to the dance floor to have a toast and cut the cake which was amazing and everybody loved it!

We watched the same day edit video my photog made and then it was time for our first dance which was a surprise funny dance! And then PARTY TIME!!!! We danced ALL night. We stayed until 3:30 in the morning and I could not feel my feet the next day! 

But there was no time to rest the next day. We spend the night at the same hotel we booked for our American friends. We woke up, had breakfast (well more of a lunch because of the time) with our friends and we headed to my MIL house to open and record all the envelopes in order for my MIL to take the money to the bank early the next morning. This took soooo long. We had to stop for dinner and continue until 2:00 in the morning. The next day we woke up early to go to the first tour we had organized for our US guests. They stayed the hole week after the wedding and it was like a mini honeymoon for us too as we took them on tours around the island.

It was super tiring because we didn’t have time to relax and sleep a lot but we enjoyed it soooooooo much! I got the chance to meet my husbands (eeeeeeep) friends and he got to spent time with them as he hadn’t seen them since he graduated from the university in California. We promised them we would go to the states to visit maybe in a year or too if we can make it! I can’t wait! It will be our normal honeymoon.

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