Mar 20, 2010


The Wedding!!!

Due to our seasonal limitations for wedding planning, we chose to wait until 2010 rather than hurry and get married this Spring.  We decided on March 20, 2010 since it is right after the time change (it will be lighter later!) and then we have plenty of time to honeymoon before fire season.  We are planning the ultimate vintage/Rock'n'roll wedding!  We made a website together to inform guests about the wedding and 'our story' . . .

The Wedding photo 1


We are getting married at Rockwood Women's Center in Santa Barbara, only a few blocks from where we live!

Here are some pics of the venue:

The Wedding photo 2The Wedding photo 3

The Wedding photo 4The Wedding photo 5The Wedding photo 6The Wedding photo 7

We will be having our ceremony outside under the oak tree followed by a cocktail hour, and then the reception right inside.  The interior is a ballroom built in the 1920's!!!  I LOVE it!  I will probably hang some pomanders or mason jars with candles or something from the tree . . . 

The Wedding photo 8The Wedding photo 9

Something like this maybe?

Our colors are black and white with red (and probably some pinks in the flowers and such.  

As for the centerpieces we are mixing vintage with modern.  I don't want every centerpiece to be identical so we have vases and votives of various sizes and shapes.  Some are mercury glass and vintagy looking and others are square black glass.  We also got a bunch of these to use for some of the centerpieces:

The Wedding photo 10I had wanted candelabras, but our venue requires that all flames are enclosed in glass.  I couldn't be more thrilled to come across these modern glass, tea-light candelabras!  It is 2 panes of glass with the candelabra printed on either side and tea lights where the candles are!   I LOVE them!  Well thats  start for our decor but I have plenty of time to plan so I can't wait to get more ideas rolling!


We are going for black and white striped table runners and a funky/rock and roll style!

The Wedding photo 11

We are well on our way to our dream rock and roll wedding!!!  Don't wanna give away all my ideas!!!

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I love all your ideas this is beautiful!

love the black/white Red.. that's what we did! 

I love this venue! I love Santa Barbara! You lucky lady!

I think your the closest to my date twin. You are March 20th and I am March 21st. Yeah!!!