Mar 20, 2010


The Maids

When I decided on my maids I decided to take them all out to dinner and present them with bouquets asking them to be in my wedding (all but 2 out of towners!).  Here are some pics of our 1st bridesmaids dinner!

The Maids photo 1The Maids photo 2

Right after I got engaged I found the bridesmaid dresses of my dreams, and with the help of an angel named Laura at the Betsey Johnson, I found all of my girls sizes for 40% off!!!  The girls tried them on and LOVE them so we are set . . . check and check!  These are the dresses the girls will be wearing:

The Maids photo 3And here are 2 of the girls trying them on:

The Maids photo 4They were so ecstatic they were cheering in the store!  They are begging me to let them keep them, but with the wedding almost a year away I know they just want to wear them ;).  We will probably go with red shoes to match the groomsmen's ties.


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Love your BM dresses, so cute!!

Your ideas are awesome.  I love the BMs dresses and the ideas you have for yours.

I LOVE these bridesmaid dresses!  They are awesome!!!

Love it.. so cute.