Oct 11, 2008


{From PW to Real Life}

In the 15 months that I've been around PW, I've gotten to "know" many of the girls on the site.  When you spend sometimes hours each day on the boards, you get to be familiar with brides and become online "friends".  I've been fortunate enough to actually meet some of these lovely ladies in person.  My husband laughs at me but I just tell him, "I met YOU online....why can't I meet new friends online?" :)  Here are some of the great girls I've been lucky enough to meet in person...

October 2008 GTG at Javier's in Irvine:

                              From PW to Real Life photo 1

(From left to right: me, Rach29, JustAnotherBridezilla, HMM - not pictured was Peanuthead24)

March 2009 GTG at Mosun in Laguna Beach:

                              From PW to Real Life photo 2

(From left to right: Rach29, me, JackieG)

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YAY!!!!  i predict room for more pics in the future ;-)


such nice pictures!