Jun 12, 2009


{Flip Flop Basket}

I wanted to do a flip flop basket but didn't think we'd have the money. Well, through a combination of some fortuate blessings from God and finding a bunch of PURPLE flip flops at the Dollar Tree (for a buck each), we're doing one after all! I also found a handful of brown ones that are a different style to give some variety :)

There are 18 pairs total (hope that's enough) and most are between sizes 6 and 9. I also found some really small ones (large kids sizes) so I decided to make tags that say (extra small, small, medium and large). They were just regular plastic for the tongs part. They were alright, but I decided to spruce them up a bit with some satin ribbon that we've been using on other DIY projects. It makes them so much comfier...I made myself a pair and I've been using them for days!

Anyway, I'm LOVING how they're coming out! I'll post more detailed DIY instructions later, but you can download the template I created for the tags here! I put a sign on the front that hangs off the basket with ribbon bows. Download the sign here!


CIMG0060-2.jpg picture by annabanana4883 CIMG0071-1.jpg picture by annabanana4883CIMG0069.jpg picture by annabanana4883 



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