Apr 04, 2009


c e r e m o n y t r a d i t i o n s

we made sure to incorporate some important filipino traditions to our ceremony

the veil - a gift from my aunt in the philippines

The veil is a symbol of the faithful and everlasting love the bride and groom have for each other. Through the passing of the years, it will remind them that they belong to each other, and that their love becomes more beautiful in self-surrender that are total and pure. The Veil Sponsors will pin the veil from the groom’s shoulders extending to cover the bride’s head and shoulders. It also symbolizes unity of the two families into one.


the cord and coins - another gift from my aunt

The cord symbolizes the love and friendship that bind the couple together, and the figure eight shape represents the infinite nature of matrimony.

the coins signifies the bride and groom's mutual hope for wealth, prosperity and security as they build their lives and family together.  the metal tinkling of the thirteen coins being passed from one pair of hands to the others signifies abundance and success in the couple's joint efforts. 


the unity candle - purchased at michael's

light the two candles on side of the Unity Candle as a symbol of the gift of life that they gave them when they were new to this world, and the gift of life they give them now as they begin a new life together as husband and wife.



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Yay!  I love those traditions (we did them too ;) )