Sep 18, 2009


~Dress Shopping~

I knew I couldn't pick out my dress until I knew where I was getting married.  If we had ended up with some little chapel, a really fancy dress might have seemed inappropriate.  Once we booked The Dominion House I began my shopping.  All I really knew going into this experience was that I didn't want the traditional white strapless dress you see so many people wearing.  I knew I LIKED strapless, I just needed it to be vastly different from all the other dresses I've seen.  (I'm a violinist and have played in so many weddings...I've seen hundreds of dresses.)  My first stop was Alfred Angelo.  Not a fun experience.  My mom and I were kind of overwhelmed because the saleslady was not very friendly and it was SO busy there.  I told her what I liked and one of the things I mentioned was that I didn't want too much beading.  She had me look through the catalogue and I was struggling to even find one dress that I sort of liked.  I finally found one that wasn't so bad and I showed her and she said "OK. For someone who doesn't like beading, you sure picked a dress with a ton of beading".  Nothing I tried on really jumped out at me.  Needless to say, I did not re-visit that store, despite the numerous messages they left me on my cell phone wanting to schedule follow-up appointments. 

My next stop was David's Bridal. My David's Bridal experience was MUCH nicer than the one at Alfred Angelo.  My bridal consultant was so sweet and helpful despite the fact she was helping 2 other brides simultaneously. My mom and I had a lot of fun here.  She took these photos.  It was funny because at one point she said "that dress looks SO good on you".  Then she took a picture and then viewed it on my camera and said "huh.  I guess the camera really does add 10 pounds."  :)  I found 1 or 2 dresses that I really liked and thought could be "the one".  They were between $600-$800.  I figured I would just look around at 1 or 2 more places before I made a decision.  Below is the picture of the dress I liked the best at David's Bridal.  It was WAY too big so I had to hold it up.  (By the way, almost all of the dresses I tried on anywhere were either HUGE or tiny...weird.)

                                              Dress Shopping photo 1

                               Here is a dress that I sort of liked, but there was no love.  :)

                                              Dress Shopping photo 2

What ended up being my last stop was The Bridal Boutique in Norman, OK.  My mom wasn't able to make this trip so I had one of my bridesmaids, Darolyn, come with me.  I can not say enough about this store and its employees.  Bailey was my consultant and she is fabulous!  It's a really nice boutique and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find anything in my price range.  She assured me there were a lot of beautiful dresses for under $1,000.  (That was my maximum).  She was right!  I was astonished how many gorgeous, high-quality designer dresses there were, most of which were priced the same or less than dresses at David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo!  The difference in quality was tremendous.  Bailey never forced anything on me, she didn't smother me, but she was always nearby to help.  I love Bailey!  Below are some pictures of some dresses I tried on that didn't work out.  You can probably see how nice these dresses are, even though they don't all fit.  At this store, everything ran small.  I was fitting into a size 10, whereas I was a 6 at the other stores.  Oh well.

                                              Dress Shopping photo 3

I thought this might be the one.  I loved the little flowers at the bottom.  I thought it would be perfect for a garden wedding.  And check out the back!

                                              Dress Shopping photo 4

                                   Here are some other nice ones that didn't make the cut. 

                    Dress Shopping photo 5 Dress Shopping photo 6                       

                    Dress Shopping photo 7 Dress Shopping photo 8

                    Dress Shopping photo 9 Dress Shopping photo 10

                    Dress Shopping photo 11 Dress Shopping photo 12

                                I think I'll need to do a separate entry for "the dress".  :)

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Ahhh.. Here she is!

I want a front view.. I want a front view...!! :)

All these dresses are amazing on you!!  But you glow the most in "your one" :)  he he.

You are soo beautiful!!  You can work any dress ;)

That dress!!!! Wow!!!! Gorgeous!!!!