Sep 18, 2009



So let me start off by saying that I really didn't think I would be the kind of girl that just "knows" when she's found "the dress".  You read all about the girls who walk out in their dress and they cry and their moms cry and strangers cry...I knew that wasn't me.  And it wasn't.  But I did "know" when I found the dress.  When Darolyn and I walked into the Bridal Boutique (I should mention that it was a Sunday and the store is closed on Sundays but they opened it just for me.  They are so accommodating!) I told Bailey I liked dresses with a vintage feel, lace, not too poufy and big, and that I needed it to be under $1,000.  Bailey was busy pulling dresses for me to try when I saw a BEAUTIFUL dress peeking out.  I saw gorgeous gold lace cascading over champagne tulle.  I showed it to Bailey and said "there's no WAY this is under 1,000 right?".  It turns out, it was $790!  So I tried on all the dresses Bailey pulled, and then it was time for this gorgeous gold/champagne dress that turned out to be a Maggie Sottero.  As I took it off the hanger I told Darolyn I thought I probably wouldn't want to try on anything after this one...it was SO beautiful.  I put it on and felt amazing.  Bailey laced me up in the back and I walked out in the main room in front of the big mirrors and Darolyn told me it was "the one".  She said "that dress will make people cry".  :)  I didn't want to take it off.  I knew it was the one!  Bailey told me it would take a month or two to order, and since my wedding wasn't for another 7 months, I decided to wait.  I knew I wanted to lose a few pounds and wanted to be fitted when I was closer to the size I would be at the wedding.  In between then and May (when I ordered the dress) I went back to the store 3 different times, once with my mom and my sister Jennifer, once with my sister Jessica, and once with my friend Yujean.  I had to keep trying it on!  :)  When I was finally fitted I had lost about 10 pounds.  The size 10 was too big and my measurements put me in between a 6 and an 8.  Bailey ordered the 8 to be on the safe side.  Since the dress has a corset back alterations shouldn't be necessary.  Take a look at the pictures!  The below pictures were taken the very first day in the store.  I'll post some newer ones with the veil later.  Enjoy!

                  THE DRESS photo 1    THE DRESS photo 2

                  THE DRESS photo 3    THE DRESS photo 4

                                             THE DRESS photo 5


08-13-09 I went to pick up MY dress at the store!  My size, never been worn before!  Got the Maggie Sottero Certificate of Authenticity and everything!  Here are some pics of my actual dress

                 THE DRESS photo 6   THE DRESS photo 7

                 THE DRESS photo 8   THE DRESS photo 9

                                            THE DRESS photo 10

Here are some pics from my 08-19 appointment to get the dress fitted and bustled.  Even though the dress needs to be taken in in order for the corset to look like it's supposed to, I didn't want to risk anything going wrong with the beading on the dress.  I'll just have to deal with the corset being tightened almost to the point where the sides touch.  Oh well.  :)

                 THE DRESS photo 11    THE DRESS photo 12

                 THE DRESS photo 13    THE DRESS photo 14

                                            THE DRESS photo 15

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I tried that dress on and loved it!  Good choice!

Oh my, you and your gown are just stunning!  After looking at your wedding pics I came upon your comment about your gown budget and I said to myself...no freaking way is that gown under $1000!!!  $790!!!  That is incredible!  Then I read that she's a Maggie and I realized why I loved it so much!  I was a Maggie stalker, too, and probably skipped right over this gem!  What is the name of this gown?  It's not Milana, is it?  It surely looks better on you than on the Maggie model!  You, the gown, the color...just fabulous!

ETA I just read it is Milana!  Wow...way better on you than the model!  I had such a hard time finding the right dress because so many samples are too white for my taste.  To me, they are so much more elegant in a darker color!  You should totally submit your pics to the Maggie site!!!

i am in love with your dress...probably beacuse i ordered the same one :) i absolutely love the jewelry you picked to go with the dress:)

Your dress is STUNNING!!