Sep 18, 2009


~Finding a Photographer & Videographer~

As far as photography goes, I had NO idea what to do.  I knew the style I liked but I had no idea how to go about finding someone.  A friend of Darolyn's (bridesmaid) is a photographer and I thought it might be cool if I could hire her.  She's really nice and I would enjoy working with her, plus I love her style!  She told me she's not comfortable doing weddings yet, but recommended a couple other photographers with similar styles.  I put the names away and kind of forgot about them.  My mom and I went to 2 bridal shows and I was overwhelmed with how many photography brochures I received.  They all looked good but they either weren't what I was looking for, or they were too expensive.  (I wanted to keep the photography under $2500)  I then got a call from Darolyn telling me she had looked at one of her friend's recommendations and that she thought I would really like her portfolio.  So I went to her website (Tammy ODell) and fell in love with her pictures.  I arranged a meeting in Norman.  (She lives in a small town south of Norman but was willing to drive to meet me.)  Steve and I not only loved her style and her prices, we loved her personality!  I think the package we ended up choosing is right around $2000.  I can't wait to see the pictures!  Go check her out--she's AMAZING, especially with outdoor shots. 


For videography I thought I might just skip it.  I figured we could always set up our camera on a tripod or something. But at one of the Bridal Fairs I came across an amazing company--Glorious Day Films.  It's run by a wonderful husband and wife team and they're so unique.  They shoot with old super 8 film, and the final product is a vintage-looking montage of wedding highlights with beautiful music in the background.  The basic package we chose is costing just under $1,000--a price I was shocked at because it seems so inexpensive for all the work they do.  (We did get a discount for being friends with them on facebook.)  :)  Take a look--it's breathtaking.



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