Sep 18, 2009



I recieved many florist brochures at the bridal fairs but I really wanted to keep with my trend of hiring special, creative, unique people that I really get along with.  My sister recommended I contact one of her good friends, Katie Huskerson.  Katie has a business called "Birdie".  I guess the best way to describe it would be to just tell you to go to her website.  :)


She does a lot with flowers and vintage/antique pieces.  She has amazing style and she's the sweetest person you'll ever know.  We met up at a coffee shop and spent a couple of hours chatting about ideas.  My bridesmaids (there are 7!) are wearing light blue chiffon dresses in the style of their choice.  Some of the dresses have a chocolate brown accent belt or sash or brooch.  My wedding colors have kind of evolved into light blue, chocolate brown, peach, sage green, and ivory.  Here is the inspiration for our bouquets.  (This image was found on google)

                                             Flowers photo 1

Katie is going to do this bouquet for me, but with some gardenias mixed in. It consists of gardenias, peach roses and chocolate cosmos.  Gardenias are my favorite flower and I will probably also wear one in my hair.  The bridesmaids will have smaller versions of this, minus the gardenias, but with cream hydrangeas mixed in.  Katie is doing my bouquet, my 7 bridesmaids, all the corsages, boutonnieres, petals for the flower girl, petals for our exit, and centerpieces for the reception for no more than $800!  She is my hero!  I asked her to just surprise me on the table centerpieces.  I trust her completely.  She has amazing taste and style and she knows what I like and what my style is, and I feel like nothing I could conceptualize would compare to her ideas.   


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I love love love your flowers (your whole wedding really). Your bouquets are very similar to what I envision mine to look like except instead of the blue flowers I'll have green cymbidium orchids, keeping the chocolate cosmos and coral roses and adding ivory calla lilies.

I love the flowers you ended up with!  That color scheme is to die for!

I love the contrast cosmos make, they're so unexpected, and I love your color palette!