Mar 20, 2010


My Groom

I figure the man of my dreams deserves his own page!  Meet Nick . . .

 My Groom photo 1My Groom photo 2

My Groom photo 3My Groom photo 4

Nick is just as excited about the wedding as me!  In fact he already has his and all the groomsmen's outfits picked out!  They will be in all black suits with black shirts and he will be wearing this tie and these creepers:

My Groom photo 5My Groom photo 6

The groomsmen will be wearing the same tie but in red and converse.  All the boys are super excited and have even already started planning Nick's bachlor party!

(2) Comments

Congrats!! My hubby wore creepers for the wedding too!!

EKK!!  So exciting!!


Like your FI, mine is the same way... He's so involved in the wedding :)  It's very refreshing :)