Sep 18, 2009


~Bridesmaids Dresses~

I couldn't get my bridesmaids to a number lower than 7.  There are at least 4 other friends I wish I could include, but I feel like 8 or more bridesmaids is kind of pushing it.  :)  I do feel very blessed to have so many close girl friends in my life.  My 2 sisters will be maids of honor, and the remaining 5 bridesmaids will consist of Steve's wonderful sister, my 2 best friends from college, my best friend from high school, and my best friend in Norman, who's like a sister to me.  I think all of Steve's groomsmen are in the Air Force, possibly with the exception of 1.  All the AF boys will be wearing their blue uniforms. 

The Bridal Boutique offered me a 20% discount on bridesmaids dresses, so I chose different styles from the Bari Jay line and I'm letting them choose the style they like best, that they think they might wear again.  They'll all be a short length and they'll all be "misty blue" with "mink" accents.  They will not be wearing those birds nests on their heads...

   Bridesmaids Dresses photo 1       Bridesmaids Dresses photo 2       Bridesmaids Dresses photo 3

                            Bridesmaids Dresses photo 4    Bridesmaids Dresses photo 5

                                           The color of all the dresses will look like this

                                                 Bridesmaids Dresses photo 6

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I am soooo using the same Bari Jay dresses =D

I chose Bari Jay too, my girls absolutely loved them and felt so comfortable in them.  Love them!

I wore one of those bm dresses last year (first one, bottom right) very comfortable!

I love Bari Jay Dresses! =p