Sep 18, 2009


~Flower Girl, Ringbearer, MOB ~

Here is the flower girl dress for Steve's niece.  She will look so cute in it!  It's from www.mygirldress.com

                                                  Flower Girl Ringbearer MOB photo 1

I got our flower girl this tote bag from seller beachchik on etsy.

                                  Flower Girl Totes

I'm going to fill it with a cinderella doll, a stuffed animal, a flower girl book, and a book about animals. 

I'm thinking maybe one of these suits for the ring bearer.  Maybe in chocolate brown?  It's also from the same website. 

                                               Flower Girl Ringbearer MOB photo 2

My mom found this dress at Dillard's.  How cute is she?!  (I hope she doesn't mind me posting this pic)  :)

                                            Flower Girl Ringbearer MOB photo 3

(3) Comments

adorable fg dress and gift =)

Love your flower girl dress!

your mom is too cute! the flower girl's dress is adorable.