Jul 11, 2009


week 30 of engagement!!

K it's week 30....111 days to go.....it's CRUNCH TIME in my office HAHAHAH I'm like crazily finishing all my DIY (do it yourself) stationaries. This is what I'm working on......

-Invitations...100 of them (80% done)...we will be handing them out in April.
-Ceremony programs...100 of them...semi-on hold because the infomation all has to be confirmed...I'm also waiting for one more of the papers which should be here this week....I have all the raw materials set to go...so I'll just have to print and assemble.
-Reception buffet menu/program/drinks menu (it's a triangle thing)...20 of them....it's on hold until these things are confirmed then it's just printing and assembling it.
-Party favours (mini picture frames with each guests' names in the picture slot)....all 180 of them...it's also on hold until I start getting RSVP's...I already did the ones I know for SURE will be there..mainly the bridal party.
-Bridal shower invitations..35 of them...I have the prototype done...need to order the paper sometime this week and then I can start making them.
-Table numbers....20 of them...I've made 10 using pics from our October engagement shoot....it's on hold for now until I get the March engagement shoot pics.

Other things I need to think about......
-Guest sign in....what should I do?? Sign in board/picture (guests sign on the matted party of the frame). Magazine style engagement album where guests can sign right on the pages. Any other suggestions?
-A 'fun pack' for the younger guests. A little baggie with crayons and a colouring book maybe.

Things we've done the past week.....
-Booked 'morning after lunch' at Tramonto Resturant at River Rock Casino. This is a lunch for the family memebers the next day after the wedding. It's at 12:30pm. There will be a mini tea ceremony too.
-Checked with Earls at Lansdowne Mall to see when we need to book Rehearsal Dinner. They said a good month before hand. I will book it once the date and time of the rehearsal is set.
-Called Ritz Limo about their limos. We are going tomorrow to look at it and if it's good we will book it.
-Contacted bridesmaid makeup artist to set a date for the Makeup Trial Party which will probably happen first 2 weeks of June.

Other announcements......

We have 3 new members of the bridal party!!!!
Randy...MC for reception
Laura...MC for reception
Sienne...Translator/MC for reception

We have set up a wedding website!!! You guys are special so you get a sneak peak..it's still work in progress....let me know if you want information changed or whatever if you have a profile on there.

K my head's gonna blow HAHAHA That's it for now.............
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