Jul 11, 2009


week 31 of engagement!!

102 days to goooooo we're excited about the 100 day countdown. We will be handing out our invites thsi weekend!!!!!!! Cannot believe it's April already tomorrow. I think after the invites go out and the RSVPs start pooring in....thing will get busier.

We decided to do a gift registry for my bridal shower. So yesterday we went to The Bay and 'beeped' some things. Most of them were baking stuff because obviously we will none of those things and I love to bake. We really don't need anything in terms of gifts (we are asking for money as gifts for our wedding) but for the sake of having gifts to open at my bridal shower I decided to put a few things on the wedding registry.

I'm still waiting for my paper to arrive so I can start another part of the programs. And also so I can prepare my next order of papers for the bridal shower invites.

I also bought an evening gown...I know I said I wasn't going to have one because I don't really want to change into anything else that night. My white dress is so nice and it doesn't make sense to NOT wear it all night...when else am I ever going to get to wear it again?? But I thought about it and realised that I really do need a 'back-up dress' incase something happens (spilled drink, someone stepping on my train and tearing it HAHA). Who knows what can happen....it's good to have back-up and if I don't end up wearing the dress that night I'll always have my honeymoon to wear it.

We're still waiting for our engagement pics from Dan Fontaine..........yaa it's takinga while eh?? Ed might give them a call this week.

That's it for this week!
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