Jul 11, 2009


week 33 of engagement!!

WEEK 33!!! 88 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed and I have a wedding to go to in less than 2 weeks....that couple got engaged over a year ago and we've been anticipating their wedding ever since we got engaged back in August because we knew that their wedding would be the 2.5 month mark for our own wedding....can't wait to go!!!

We also have arranged to start our premarriage course with our pastor. We will first go in and each do a test on our own....scarry......................

As for RSVPs....they're starting to roll in...we got 4 back (for a total of 8 people!!)...some have declined due to commitments they've already made for that day....as I suspected....it looks like we can start sending out invites for guest list B.

I've ordered the bridal shower papers! And the vellum for the ceremony programs!! So now I must once again sit and wait for them to arrive!!! When they do...it's double time in my office!

We've moved more stuff into our new place. This weekend Ed moved his BIG TV and computer in. We got the cable hooked up and internet going!! Feels like home already HAHAHA It's going to be pretty crazy bringing all the little knick knacks there....I plan on just bringing bags of my random things over everyweekend. So I'm always packing away.....

We made the decsion to cancel our wedding night stay ar RiverRock Hotel. We origninally booked the room for our wedding night because we really didn't think our home would be ready yet as we were expecting to start renting in June. Since we've already got the place and have started moving things in...we think it will be ready for our wedding night. So instead of spending $350 for one night we've pretty much taken that money and used it towards furniture!! Since we're not longer staying at the hotel I've also changed our 'morning after lunch' with our family from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. That way we all get to sleep in (we had a check-out time of 12:00pm so that's why we had the reservations for 12:30pm before...) So Jen will get to head over to our place (which is closer than RiverRock!) and romanticize our bedroom for us ;)

The bridesmaid dresses have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're all here!!! Now my mom can start altering them!! My mom has been shopping for her dress lately as well....

I've decided to go out and splurge on a headpiece....I can always sell it online afterwards...the one I got from michaels just will not work...too cheap looking afterall...a waste of $20 =( There are also a few extra things I need to buy...keep forgetting to get them...but I need to get it done soon!!

I still need to go to The Bay and fix up my bridal shower gift registry. I need to change the name of it to 'Daisy's Bridal Shower' instead of 'Daisy and Edmund'. Don't want actual wedding guests to start buying gifts from there since we've asked for money!

We still need to pay the deposit for the limo!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh

I've been looking around at getting our engagement photos printed into an album. Been to London Drugs a few times and like what I've seen. Got to go to Costco and compare though. This reminds me...the scrapbook I made of our 'dating days' still needs a few final touches on it before the big day...

I also need to really start planning out the papers for the guests to sign on...I've mentioned it before but I'm not going to have a guestbook. Rather guests will have 3x5in papers to write notes on and I'll be taking those notes and making a big poster out of them and then framing it so we can have it in our home.

Kk that's it for this week.......I know for sure I'm forgetting something!!!!!!

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