Jul 04, 2009


DIY Projects

DIY Projects (completed or in process)

I am not a professional graphic designer by any means, but I can definitely hold my own in Photoshop. I have made a couple different STDs, but my final decision is this one:

DIY Projects photo 1

I made the bird vector from a pic of two cuddling lorikeets! I wanted to tie in the tea party somehow as well, and I love the end result with the tea pot. There's still something weird about the text on the pot's not as cohesive as the original. Ah well. They will be printed on round stickers, stuck to brown round cardstock, and made into magnets. Here's the original STD that I've emailed to a few people to edit to their liking, if you'd like the original STD .psd file, pm me!

DIY Projects photo 2




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What font are you using? Love the font! Where did you get your ribbon? I'm using the same shade of fuschia for my DIY invitations and can't seem to find fuschia ribbon. Thanks!!

Simply Beautiful !

i love the second one!! great work!

Love your taste!!! your bridesmaid dresses remind me of my bridal shower dress I cant wait to wear next saturday for the bridal shower :)