Jul 11, 2009


week 34 of engagement!!

So this week we've continued slowly moving more stuff into our new place...I've moved a bunch of books and bookshelf things over...don't think I'll be moving much til after we are back from the honeymoon since I'll still be living at home until then....kinda need my stuff with me.

Mandy and I started making the bridal shower invitations!!! I will start handing them out first week of May!!!!! Then we will have to start seriously planning the details for it.

I've continued the wedding programs....I GOCCO-ED the vellum!!!! So nice!!! I've also stamped them all so all I need to do now is wait til the details on the programs to be finalized and then print and assemble!!!

The table numbers are done too!!!!!!!!!! A VERY special and big thank you to JOSH!!! Totally saved me =)

We have a wedding to go to this weekend...VIV and CARLIN'S!!!!!!! It's the ast wedding we'll attent before WE get hitched!!!! It will be 2.5 months til our wedding after this one!!! We've been secretly waiting for this wedding to come since it's the 2.5 month countdown mark for us HAHAHA I love weddings <3

That's it for now....still tons of little things to do.........less than 12 weeks to go!!
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