May 23, 2009


Guest Book

I honestly didn't know this was a trend to make photo guest books when I made it.  Shutterfly kept sending me promotional codes to my email for a free 8 X 8 in. photo book and it would expire soon so though I really wanted photo books of the wedding to give to grandparents and parents instead of a stack of prints, the code would expire long before the wedding and I wanted to take advantage and see how it would turn out.  We didn't take official engagement pictures and weren't going to have a slideshow.  We thought of a slideshow with cute pictures and I started making it and wanted to die it was so boring, so I gave this a shot.  The pages are themed with things we did as kids and things we do together now.. with a picture of us together on the right page where all the guests can sign and pictures of us as kids on the left.  Page themes include music, eating cake, playing outside/in the woods, being masculine/feminine, dressing up in fancy clothes, and there is a page devoted to him dressing up in costumes and one to me having tea parties.  This turned out great and only cost me the $8 shipping with my free promo code.

P.s.  for those of you making one... I made the lines by drawing them the length, clicking enter drawing the same length, enter... until I had a stack of lines and then I copied and pasted that block until I had quite a few and (shutterfly alerts you when there is too much on the page) so I gradually deleted to find out how many lines I could have on one page.  when I got one page the way I wanted it, I copied all the lines and pasted that number onto every other page.  so it only sucks figuring it out for the first page and then you're set.

Guest Book photo 1 Guest Book photo 2

Guest Book photo 3 Guest Book photo 4

Guest Book photo 5 Guest Book photo 6

Guest Book photo 7 Guest Book photo 8

sorry I can't get the slideshow to work here, but click the link to see our guest book.

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Such a cute guestbook!

Great guest book- gives me inspiration for ours.  Thanks! :)

We're doing ours through shutterfly too!!  How'd you get the lines??????