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"green" weddings

I love this! Green is the only way to be! And weddings can be so excessive if people aren't concious about their choices. More green ideas:

--Wear a used wedding gown. There are amazing choices on eBay and other sites selling gently worn gowns. Or if your mother or grandmother had a lovely dress, that could be an option too. It's amazing what can be updated and restyled from older gowns. Borrowing a gown from a friend or family member is also a great option. Same with accessories!

--Let BMs shop in their closet...every gal has a little black dress!

--Limit the number of guests. Less people=less consumption.

--Try to buy the "greenest" items you can for your wedding...from recycled paper and soy based inks for your invites to natural fiber linens for your tables (I used awesome burlap for our table runners). Found objects or second hand for centerpieces (tea tins or jelly jars are great!) or as Margaret posted, potted plants. I love the look of a potter orchid or gardenia for a centerpiece. Actually mini roses, tulips, rhododendrons, etc. would all look great. And send them home with VIPs afterwards (remember to buy them from a green nursery). Fruit is also awesome as decor. Pinneaple centerpieces or big bowls of fruit like lemons, apples or grapes. Sky's the limit!

--If you do buy a new wedding dress and/or bridesmaid dresses, chose natural fibers like silk, hemp, cotton, etc. There are several Green Wedding designers on the market nowadays.

--Buy conflict free diamonds and recycled jewelry.

--For venues consider supporting a location and/or a nonprofit organization that's already interested in or dedicated to green causes: parks, museums, or retreat centers, for example.

Or rather than having everyone come to you, consider choosing a venue close to where the majority of your guests live. This will help cut down on the environmental costs associated with travel. For the same reason, hold the ceremony and reception at the same venue and help your guests arrange carpools.

--Rent hybrids instead of stretch hummers/limos.

Here are some links to more ideas:
Posted on February 8, 2008 at 7:07 am


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