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"green" weddings

We're not having a "green" wedding per se, but we are doing the following:

- We picked a venue that is famous for its incredible local, organic food.

- We are not serving beef (a major contributor to greenhouse gases) or shrimp (a "conflict" food).

- Our announcements are printed on recycled paper.

- We're having only 30 guests.

- We've arranged a hiking expedition for our guests so that we can all enjoy nature together.

However, I wouldn't begin to claim to be having a green wedding, in part because our 30 guests are coming from all over North America to be there, which will take an enormous amount of fossil fuels, and our cake, flowers, and party rentals are all being trucked from 60-100 miles away, which is also pretty wasteful. We ourselves are traveling 400 miles to be there. You know what really bugs me the most though? We registered at Crate & Barrel and have started receiving gifts - and the amount of packaging they use to ship the gifts is just unconscionable. We recycled what we could, but it still bothers me.

Regarding Lori's suggestion to wear a used wedding dress - check out Posh Girl Vintage ( for amazing retro dresses like this stunner:

Posted on February 8, 2008 at 7:42 am


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