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if you could do it over...


i love this post, and thank you for your honesty brides. i know it can be hard for people to admit that anything wasn't "perfect".

even though i haven't gone through a wedding here are things i've picked up from those i've been too.

-if your wedding is sunday night, people will leave early, really early, like 8. so have it earlier or spring for saturday night.

-don't put the cupcakes out with the buffet, people will eat them with dinner and you'll have no desert drama.

-this is for me personally, limit mother's responsibility. she freaked out at my sister's wedding so for mine, she'll just have to show up.

-this is personal too, but if you have young cousins coming, tell the dj ahead of time not to take more than 1 or 2 requests from them. at my sister's the cousin's pirated her playlist and cleared the dancefloor.

i love the "i spent too much on the dress" comments, i feel like that part of planning is so early and you get wrapped up in like "the perfect dress" so you end up shelling out so much money for a designer dress, if i would have known how many little hidden costs were awaiting me i would have trimmed my dress budget.



Posted on June 30, 2008 at 8:01 pm


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