"green" weddings

Hi Bonnie-
I am curious to know whether or not you have had your wedding.
I am planning my wedding now and I plan to be as green as I can be without effecting my guests' experience.
For instance, I thought about buying carbon offsets as my favor but decided that's not really a gift FOR them!
So here are my green plans:

- STD postcard, saving paper with no envelopes
- on line RSVP. Yes, I know how it sounds . But here are my reasons: it's a small wedding with almost all guests being tech saavy. If I direct people to a site to rsvp, I can also have all info on line about the wedding. also saving paper by not including a map etc in the invite. I feel like it is modern and green to do it this way. Again, saving paper. and money on postage and the extra card.
- My caterer uses all organic, local sources which was a key factor in my inclusion of them on my tasting list
-I am planning to provide some transportation to the site and I have contacted an eco limo service
-for all flowers other than my bouquet: I plan to select seasonal, local blooms. My bouquet will have sentimental choices

I'm still working on my ideas and options.
Ideas are welcome! : )

and hopefully everyone gets the idea that there are choices you can make that work for you that are more environmentally conscious. I think the idea that everyone can do SOMETHING is important!
Posted on February 8, 2008 at 2:29 am


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