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9 Honeymoons for Adventurers

1.  Thailand:

Elephant Training
The only way to reach Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, located where Thailand's border converges with Myanmar (Burma) and Laos, is by a traditional long-tail riverboat. Its main draw is the six domesticated elephants, brought to the camp for its humane natural setting. With local mahouts trained in the 2,000-year-old tradition of elephant care, you'll feed, bathe and ride these gentle giants as you survey the surrounding jungle.

Best For Animal lovers who think cute comes in all shapes and sizes
Adventure Quotient: Medium You're taking charge of 7-ton animals, but the reward is well worth the bravery.
Activities Elephant training, bird watching, cultural touring
Best Time to Go November through March offers cooler weather, less humidity and less rain, making rainforest trails more accessible.


2.  Canada:

Awesome Aurora Borealis
Catch nature's greatest light show from a viewing deck at the main lodge or the porch of your cozy log cabin at the fly-in Blachford Lake Lodge, located near Yellowknife, Canada. During the day, plenty of winter activities are available, from dog sledding and skiing to ice-skating and snowmobiling. The all-inclusive Aurora Borealis Adventure Tour package includes accommodations, meals, snacks, seasonal equipment and a round-trip scenic flight to the lodge.

Best For Cold-loving stargazers
Adventure Quotient: Low This trip is more about taking in nature's wonders than trekking through them.
Activities Viewing the Northern Lights, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing
Best Time to Go The Northern Lights are usually visible on clear nights between September and April; mid- to late winter is prime time.


3.  New Zealand:

High-Octane Hiking
Get away from it all at the Silverpine Lodge, set on a mountain ridge between two South Island lakes in the Southern Alps. For a real thrill, book the Jumboland Wilderness Adventure with Wilkin River Jets. You'll take a scenic helicopter ride into the surrounding bush for a hike through Mount Aspiring National Park, exploring the rainforest along the Wilkin River. At the end, you'll meet a high-speed jet boat for a gripping ride back to home base.

Best For Nature lovers who crave the wind in their hair
Adventure Quotient: Medium Hike at your own pace, then raise your pulse with some speed.
Activities Helicopter flights, jet-boat rides, hiking, fishing
Best Time to Go December through February are the balmiest, busiest months. Try February through April for warm weather with fewer crowds.


4.  Peru:

Exploring Ancient Wonders
Hike, bike and kayak your way through the ancient Incan culture of Peru with Austin-Lehman Adventures. You'll visit all the must-sees, including Machu Picchu (accessed via day hike). But the adventure quotient is raised when you bike through Tinajani canyon, then kayak across Lake Titicaca. Most nights are spent in hotels, but while in the canyon, you'll camp under the stars and dine on traditional Peruvian cuisine.

Best For Antiquity lovers with an active streak
Adventure Quotient: High It's an active trip, which makes it stand out from the pack.
Activities Hiking, biking, kayaking and cultural exploring
Best Time to Go A visit during the wet season (December to March) could leave you mud-caked or foil the hike altogether. For accessible trails and clear views, go in the fall.


5.  Western U.S.:

Gourmet Rafting
Paddle your way through the American West, charging white-water rapids and lazily floating down the placid stretches with O.A.R.S. At night, you'll sleep under the stars after enjoying a gourmet meal. Culinary masters like Bob Anderson (formerly of The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite) prepare the food, while experts from regional wineries keep your glasses full. The adult-only trips range from a two-day flirt with the Tuolumne River in California to a four-day excursion sipping Oregon pinots on the Rogue River

Best For Sophisticated camping types
Adventure Quotient: Medium You'll paddle your heart out by day, then relax around the campfire by night.
Activities River rafting, gourmet food, wine tasting and instruction
Best Time to Go Departures range from April to September depending on location. May and June offer the best high-water excitement and warm -- but not sweltering -- temps.



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6.  Jordan:

Walking the Trail to Petra
Geographic Expeditions' 12-day Walking the Trail to Petra tour explores Jordan's capital of Amman, the Roman ruins of Jerash and the Dana Nature Reserve, all before even starting the hike to Petra. You'll begin by experiencing Jordan's modern side in the capital city, then go straight into the past in the ancient city of Jerash, built by the Romans in 63 B.C. After three days of taking in the desert landscapes of the Dana Nature Reserve, camping in candlelit Bedouin tents and exploring an 8,000-year-old Neolithic village, you'll approach Little Petra, then descend into the main city to catch your first glimpse of Petra's famous rose-hued façade.

You'll spend an entire day exploring the fabled stone-carved city, then drive the desert highway to finish with two days relaxing below sea level at the luxury Kempinski Hotel & Spa on the Dead Sea. 

Best For Desert nomads who aren't afraid to get a little sand in their shoes
Adventure Quotient: High You'll walk up to 10 miles a day in the desert with little shade, but the ancient wonders make it worthwhile.
Activities Desert trekking, cultural exploring
Best Time to Go Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) offer milder temps. April is the prime month, with warm weather and blooming wildflowers.

7.  Mongolia:

Camels, Kayaks and Horses
You'll start slow on REI Adventures' 12-day Mongolia trip, touring cultural sights in the bustling capital of Ulannbaatar. Then you'll fly to Muron and continue overland to Lake Khovsgol to kayak, hike and horseback ride through unspoiled mountains and meadows. Last stop: camel trekking in the Gobi Desert. Overnight in tented camps, lodges and a traditional yurt. 

Best For Sports lovers who like to try new things
Adventure Quotient: High You'll need to be in pretty good shape for this multi-sport trip.
Activities Hiking, horseback riding, sea kayaking, camel trekking, camping
Best Time to Go Departures are scheduled from July through September. Opt for the last departure date, when you'll deal with fewer crowds, and less bugs and rain.

8.  Kenya & Tanzania:
Classic Wildlife Safari

The Great Migration is one of Africa's most remarkable spectacles, with huge herds of wildebeest and zebra wandering the plains. &Beyond Africa's Migration, Lake and Crater safari combines this experience with a stay on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest intact caldera in the world. Most lodges feature spacious tents with AC and excellent cuisine; the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge even has private butlers and soaking tubs.

Best For Wildlife-loving couples
Adventure Quotient: Medium The experience will make your heart race, but it's not physically challenging.
Activities Game drives, hot-air ballooning, cultural touring
Best Time to Go The migration occurs June to October. June through August are the driest months of this period; animals gather at watering holes, making wildlife easier to spot.

9.  Romania:

Touring Transylvania
Hiking through the stunning Carpathian Mountains is one of the most intimate ways to explore this mysterious country. Pure Adventures' eight-day trip begins and ends in Bucharest, called Little Paris thanks to its French-influenced architecture. After a day of city sightseeing, you'll embark on your overland adventure, exploring lakes, rivers and mountain vistas. Visiting Sighisoara, the birthplace of Prince Vlad (aka Dracula), is a highlight; you'll tour the famous Bran Castle where he is said to have reigned. 

Best For Castle-loving climbers
Adventure Quotient: Medium Some strenuous hikes are combined with casual city exploring.
Activities Hiking, cultural touring
Best Time to Go Hiking is best during summer months, for obvious reasons. Go in late June or July to ensure that all mountain trails and roads will be open.



Posted on July 27, 2013 at 11:03 am

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