ATTN ALL Milwaukee Brides- DO NOT HIRE THIS DJ!!!!!

Hello Milwaukee brides! Thank you for opening this message! Trust me, you will be so glad you did in the end.

I just got married on July 17 in Milwaukee and everything about my day was perfect....except for one thing- the DJ. His name is DJ Robert (Robb) Chojnacki. Might also be listed under ROLO DJ (out of New Berlin, WI). He was assigned to us by the entertainment company we went through- Direct Entertainment LLC ( They are a huge entertainment company and have offices nationwide. For this reason, I should have been very cautious about them, but I wasn't. We were getting a great deal. $1,400 for a DJ AND a videographer for the wedding. Let me just say you TOTALLY get what you pay for and we were SO disappointed...both with the DJ and the videographer. But the DJ was absolutely TERRIBLE! Let me tell you why:

My husband and I worked SOOO hard putting together our music list for the DJ. We even had personal conversations with him about all the songs we wanted to hear and he assured us we would. Some of the songs we picked out were very special to us and evoke happy memories that we wanted to relive the night of our wedding. We did not get to. He totally disregarded our ENTIRE list! We may as well have never given him one to begin with and saved hours of selecting songs. So during the reception, I went over to ask him why he wasn't playing the songs we selected. He had to dig through a pile of papers under his equipment to pull out our music list to talk to me. He didn't even care to take the list out for reference! Also, his equipment was VERY outdated. It was an old stereo system that played CDs. I was shocked that he didn't have digital system. As a result, his old equipment made the CDs skip in the middle of songs he was playing which made the entire dance floor agitated.

And speaking of agitation- he looked flustered, frustrated and angry the entire night. Even shouting at me a couple times about how the hotel I selected (a five star hotel) was a nightmare! I was baffled at the treatment he gave me and was floored when he pulled me aside and ordered me to fill out a comment card while guests were trying to talk to me. He said to fill it out or he couldn't get paid. I filled it out for him, but was so upset that he dragged me away from my wedding to fill out a stupid comment card! So unprofessional!

Other things that he did that were awful-

1.) Our first dance (a dance i was looking forward to for pretty much my whole life) was stopped right in the middle and he just started it all over again. Had to re-dance to the first dance all over again.

2.) Not only did he not refer to the selected music list, but he completely disregarded the DO NOT PLAY list we gave him. Played songs and styles we absolutely HATE!

3.) Complained and nagged my mother on where his dinner was.

4.) Read the names wrong for the people in the wedding party during the grand march!

5.) Sabotaged our other vendors by telling them the wrong information and schedule for how things were going to happen. The videographer had all the wrong cues (even though he was very unprofessional as well- also came from Direct Entertainment) and the photographers were scrambling to capture important moments they almost missed because he didn't give them time to set up or anything.

6.) He makes stupid jokes all night. Guests were asking me where I even found the DJ. And his voice is very high pitched and squeeky. Kinda hurts your ears when he's talking through the microphone. Numerous guests asked me to tell him to "just stop talking". So embarrassing.

If you do anything right when planning a wedding, please do your research and ask others for recommendations on DJs. I did not do this and just went with the cheapest. Trust me, they're cheap for a reason. I was humiliated by my DJ during my wedding. Don't let him do this to you on your special day.

Posted on July 26, 2010 at 10:27 am


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