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Back up plan for your wedding!? Did anyone have this?

So when I got engaged back in December I decided to return to Catholicism which is technically my religious roots. I figured since his family was catholic and my family was too. When I was dating my ex I had converted to Lutheran which is extremely similar. So I went through all the hoops and hurdles to convert and did my confirmation and my pre-Cana per the Catholic Church. (After a 150 bucks for the pre-Cana) yet I still can't get a straight answer from my new Parrish on how much it will be, what to expect for the wedding and they won't offer the church fellowship hall to use for the reception.

So in the mean time I've been look at venues and have sort of settled (but it's very beautiful so if be happy to have my wedding here so it's not really settling) on a yacht club in an neighboring city. I can have my ceramony there for no charge. I'm still trying to get venue prices at the moment so that's on a stand still. (Because when I requested an appointment they told me they are redoing their banquet menus and to contact them again in 2 weeks. I'm really hoping they won't up their prices too)

So I've been chatting with a friend of mine who is getting married in nov of this year and it kind of spurred me to call my old lutheran Parrish to set up an appointment to talk to the pastor. My FI is ok with this and I am comfortable with them and they would allow us to use the Parrish's fellowship hall. I have no clue how much of a donation I'm looking at to use them. (At the very least if we stick with the yacht club I will probably request if he will be our officiant) this sudden spur has me a little nervous. But the Catholic Church has disappointed me through out my short stint with them. Their unwillingness to help us out, to give us information and distant attitude is so disheartening. Despite falling in love with a Catholic Church (that is two hours away from us and thus 99% out of the picture) I'm thinking this is another route to go. Ive also heard crazy proces for donations from 500-2000 or more! and for that id rather just have the ceramony at the Yacht club and use the funds for something like a nice photographer. but I've always dreamed of a church wedding and though I could just have a ceramony... I think I would miss this experience. At the moment I'm telling myself this is a back up. But what would you do if you were in my shoes?

I guess I'll get a better idea on Friday... But it has me a bit nervous. I don't think it's a bad nervous though.
Posted on June 19, 2013 at 4:31 am


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