Bridal Headpieces

Finding your perfect wedding headpiece means finding one that will work best with your wedding hairstyle,your veil and your wedding dress. This means trying on the different headpieces available.

Here are some of the basic styles available:

Combs: Bridal combs can be decorated with crystals, rhinestones, pearls, sequins, feathers or sprays. As worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the movie Sex In The City, bridal hair combs can be theatrical works of art anchoring large feathery plumes, oversized silk flowers, bunches of tulle or organza ruffles or a little of each.

Cloche Hat: A small, helmet like cap with a deep rounded crown and no brim or a slightly small flare at the brims edge. Worn by the stylish women of the 20's.

Fascinator or Cocktail Hat: A fun hairpiece usually worn forward on the head with some netting over the eyes and adorned in feathers, silk flowers with adornments such as crystals, pearls or diamantes.

Hair Jewellery: Bejewelled hair clips, bobby pins and wired crystals and rhinestones or silk flowers that are worn in the brides hair, usually instead of a tiara. They are a gorgeous alternative to plain bobby pins that will hold a brides hair in place well after the veil has been removed.

Hat : Big or small with embellishments such as lace, ribbons, rhinestones, flowers, feathers and pearls. Perfect for a daytime wedding lunch.

Headband : Elegant wedding headbands come in various widths and can adorned with tiny seed pearls, silk flowers, rhinstones, Swarovski crystals and can be fashioned in the same fabric as your wedding crowns. Designers also use wedding headbands as the base for saucer styled tulle hats.

Juliet Cap : A close fitting, small skullcap from the Renaissance era often made of mesh, elaborately decorated in pearls, diamantes or crystals.

Circlets : A romantic, organic look, made up of twigs, flowers, ribbons and themed adornments. They are made to measure, so you will need your exact head measurements.

Tiaras : Rather than wearing a crown that can be difficult to keep secure on your head, brides prefer to wear tiaras. They are a semi circular band that are decorated with crystals, rhinestones and pearls. Todays bridal tiaras incorporate other embellishments that can reflect the theme of the wedding day including ribbons, flowers, starfish or shells. In addition to making the bride feel like queen of the day, tiaras and wedding crowns also have a religious significance; the crowning of the bride is a meaningful and solemn moment in Eastern Orthodox weddings.

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