Being adopted has never been a secret and as a child I told everyone I met. Although I look SO much like my mum my sister and I look very different. I have curly red hair and freckles while my sister is very fair and very blond. So people always mentioned about us looking n different.

Most people would laugh at first like we were joking and then when they realised it was true look a  bit embarrassed lol but then ask questions or ignore it. Like I said, it was a normal thing for us a not a big deal. There were the odd few who were not as nice about it saying we were not “real” sisters  etc… but we knew we were so it never mattered.

One time someone told me that I was so unloved that my birth mum didn’t even want me a threw me away (HORRIBLE and to a 10 year old who didnt know any better heartbreaking) I told my mum about  this is what she told me…. I will never forget it and it is without a doubt the best thing I have ever been told…


She asked me who I thought where the 2 people that loved each other the most in the world…my answer of course was her and my dad. She then said that although they loved each other SO So much they had no blood relation and that the only thing they had was a piece of paper…just like me. It put everything into perspective for me and made me realise even at a young age that blood may be thicker than water but it really doesn’t mean everything.,

She then told me that people have babies all the time. Some planned, some not but they had to work EXTRA hard to get me and that they wanted me with ALL of their hearts and soul and if there was ONE child in the world that WAS chosen and loved it was me.

One of the many reasons I love my mum and dad SO much. 

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