*CountryGirl91*: RECAP! The wedding week

Hey y'all!

I've come back a few times since the wedding, but other than that, I've been MIA! I'm thinking it's about time I came back and wrote a recap. :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012 -- One week before the wedding:

My mom, sister (MOH), and I loaded up my car and headed to McBride for the week so we could get all the last-minute details figured out. We stopped in Prince George and found a unity sand set (yep, still hadn't gotten that! lol), guestbook, and a few other things I hadn't been able to find in my small hometown. After that, we hit the mall for some shopping, and my sister left to hang out with her best friend for a few days. They never get to see each other since her BFF moved 6 hours away, so I thought it would be fun for them to spend some time together. Mom and I got to my in-laws' around 6 PM, and then headed to the church to talk with the decorators (DH's aunt and a close friend). We talked over all the decor with them, and finally got to bed around 10 after unloading the car. 


Mom made a ton of origami ribbon birds for the tables, while I punched out little paper hearts to scatter around the CPs. I don't completely remember what else we did that day, but I know there was a lot of talk about decorating!


Spent the day double-checking everything, and printed out the recipes for the reception meal to give to the cooks. A group of ladies from the church did the cooking for free; all we had to provide was the ingredients! :) Around 7 that night, my mom suddenly "remembered" that the decorators needed my opinion on something at the church so we had to hurry over there. We walked into the church, and all the church ladies were sitting on the steps, including my sis, her BFF, and her BFF's mom. My MIA BM (who I had been texting to figure out when she was getting to town) was also there, and announced that, now that the bride-to-be had arrived, we could get on with the bridal shower. Surprise! We played a few games, including one where I had to make a cake from scratch, without a recipe! Uh-oh! It ended up looking like a giant pancake. LOL! Oh, and we ate! :) So much good food! It was so much fun!


FI (DH now!!!) arrived in the afternoon, and we went through some pictures for a slideshow, as well as songs to play at the reception. I was pretty happy to see him, since we were in a LDR for our entire engagement, and I only saw him 4-5 times. My FIL also came home from working up north. 


Mom, MIL, MOH, and SIL (BM) went to Prince George to pick up all the food and flowers from Costco while FI and I took his dad's truck out to the bush to find the log rounds for CPs. It was quite the process! I had never really tried carrying logs before, especially uphill, through three feet of snow! After all that, we ended up using some birch logs his dad had sitting around in one of the fields. FI also cut our cake stand from a chunk of cedar I had brought from home. My dad and brothers met the Mom and the others in PG and helped them finish shopping. My dad also had to do some last minute suit shopping! I had taken his suit to get dry-cleaned, and when we were packing, we discovered that it had been completely ruined! All the lining was wrinkled, and even getting it cleaned again didn't help. He ended up finding a really nice charcoal gray suit. FI and I also ran into town to grab a few things, and pay the lady who was baking our cake. While we were there, my SIL texted me a picture of the roses we had ordered, and then called me to ask what I wanted to do. We had ordered white roses, but the lady ordered cream because "they were prettier". Our only other option was to buy daisies (my original idea) but Costco only had a few dozen in stock. After a freaking out for a few minutes, I told them to just bring them home anyways, since we had to have flowers, and cream roses were better than no roses. I spent the rest of the day telling FI (poor guy!) exactly what I thought about people like that! 


Rehearsal and decorating-the-hall day! We all got up bright and early and my family headed off to the community centre to start decorating the hall. FI and I finished up a few more things and went to help them. We had to change our table placement a bit, and went on with the decorating. I actually didn't do a lot of decorating, because everyone was constantly hollering for me to tell them how I wanted things. We had ironed all the tablecloths but had to re-do it at the hall before we could finish the tables, so my SIL, mom, and a GM worked on that. The GM (one of my brothers) had broken his neck in February, and wasn't able to lift anything heavy so he volunteered for ironing. :) I rounded up all the guys and got them to help with decorating the tables. FI's 3-year-old niece wanted to help too, so we got her busy putting all those little paper hearts on the tables.

The rehearsal was supposed to be at 2:30, but we were no-where near done (we had access to the hall until 5). The pastor and his family arrived in town around 2, and his wife stayed to help us. Pastor Charles was perfectly okay with changing the rehearsal time to 4:30. We had most of the decorating done by 4:30ish, and I started trying to get everyone to head to the church. We finally got there around 4:45, and started the rehearsal. The rehearsal went well, except we didn't have the wagon for the little kids, and two of them weren't there, so the DOC's (FI's cousin) 3-year-old daughter walked down the aisle with the FG (FI's niece). After running through it all a few times, we headed downstairs for supper, and then went home.


We're Seventh-day Adventists, so got up and headed to church. Wedding guests had started arriving by now, so we saw a few of them at church, as well as the potluck lunch we had afterwards. My mom's side of the family was in town by the time we finished lunch, so we went to the hotel to see them for a few hours. FI and I ended up going home for an hour or two to catch a nap while everyone visited. We went back to the church around 5 for a potluck supper. My dad's relatives had shown up by then, so they came for supper (along with most of the other guests). I hadn't seen my grandma for about 5 years, and my aunt for almost 10 years, so it was great to see them!

After supper, it was time to decorate the church, and assemble the bouquets, bouts, and corsages. My aunt was a life-saver when it came to the flowers, since we were all pretty clueless when it came to making bouquets! The flowers turned out gorgeous! She is amazing! :)

By 11, most people had headed home, but FI and I ended up staying until almost 2AM to finish up. We really should have gone to bed early, but there was way too much to do, and the thought never crossed our minds. 

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OOOO no cliffhangers! I can't wait for the rest Ayla! ^_^

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