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I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Vow Renewals. This is fairly new within the Christian community and maybe why there are so many unknowns for ettiquette. It only became popular in the 1960's here in the USA.

In the Celtic Community People would be betrothed and then there would be a TRIAL marriage called a handfasting. The reason was to be sure compatibility of the child type. If a couple did not bear, or become pregnant with children by the 1 year and 1 day mark they could opt to cut the ties created in their handfasting, but if they did or decided to stay together even without children a second Handfasting would take place.

In the Native American community there is a "Looking-Ceremony" and this is where the two people MUST look only into one anothers eyes and if one or the other looks away then a marriage cannot happen, but if they do not look else where then they are bound by a tie together that cannot be removed for 3 days and if neither has broken the tie at the end of 3 days they are considered married and a final ceremony is preformed.

Hindu Indians renew at 25 years and is almost always hosted by the children and it helps solidify the marriage and to help the children see and participate in their parents blessings. It is a community event and everyone is happy to attend. The bride wears a special Sari and is adorned in Henna just as she was the first time. In India many marriaes are arranged and this ceremony also shows how the bonds of love do form with time.

Less is known about other aborigional cultures and vow-renewal as most often marriage was/is used to bind ties and prevent wars amoung groups/tribes of people.

I started researching the history of marriage 24 years ago when I was studying the 7 major religions of the world. I wanted to add links to this information that you could also read on, but I am now having trouble documenting do to the way Google works and now puts all this non-sensical information like have your vow-renewal in blah blah destination here sort of deal. ERRR

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