Custom-made Dana Saylor earrings to match Dana Saylor Glam-Deco Brooch Bracelet

After looking around on I chose to go with a lovely, elegant design by Dana Saylor! I'm in the process of working with her on a pair of custom made earrings to match.


 After looking around on photo 1316335-1

Ivory Swarovski pearl brooch bracelet with rhinestone rondelles      

 After looking around on photo 1316335-2

   Ivory Swarovski pearl clasp with rondelle accent

    After looking around on photo 1316335-3

        Fireball Accent that I want to add

    After looking around on photo 1316335-4

Pearl/Fireball detail I want for the top of the earring


After looking around on photo 1316335-5

Emerald cut CZ pendant that Dana Saylor is in the process of getting from her supplier. This pendant will be the bottom (dangly) accent for the earring. The position that the pendant is shown in will actually be reversed on the earrings...with the pearl actually being the top and the pendant dangling below :)

** Attention Dana Saylor Brides** If you are interested in these gorgeous custom-made earrings that she is designing please message me or reply to the post and let me know. Dana Saylor has informed me that to order these emerald-cut CZ pendants for the earring design, she will need a $250 minimum wholesale order (which is 10 pendants @ $25 each...which will make 5 pairs of earrings) Please let me know if you are interested in ordering these gorgeous glam earrings to match your beautiful Dana Saylor brooch bracelet. I informed Dana that I would be creating a post on PW and, so its on a first come first serve basis. I will contact Dana as soon as we have enough brides to meet the minimum order requirements. Thanks, and good luck on all of your wedding planning ! :)





Posted on January 24, 2010 at 4:21 pm


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