David's Bridal SV415 Strapless wedding gown - $300

I am selling a used David's Bridal Galina SV415 in a size 6. It has amazing beading and floral rosettes throughout the dress and a strapless a-line silhouette. I loved this dress because it was a replica of the Sunday Rose. This dress is still for sale at the shop for over $1200 so $300 is a steal. It's in great condition with no tears or snags and there are some slight step marks on the inside /underneath of the dress where you can't see. It is a size 6, altered slightly taken in at the bust and looks great. It was also lengthened a tiny bit, my measurements are:
5'9 with heels (although it will still look nice w/ a taller heel I had to move the dress out of the way slightly when walking but not much).
36 bust
28 waist or -middle area (although there is some give here either way-I fluctuated a bit and it still fit fine
36 lower waist (although I was measured at three different places and they were all different, some measured around the rear-end and some measured at the lower hip and some measured higher).
I wear a street size 4-6 if this helps.
It also has a bustle on back (one high and one lower).

This dress was my dream dress, I loved it and got Many compliments on it and am still receiving compliments on it. It was worn during the ceremony and I hate to get rid of it but it's taking up valuable space in our closet.
(Also have a David's Bridal a-line slip for $30 in size 6).

PM me with questions.

I am selling a photo 3466391-1

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Posted on April 28, 2013 at 2:05 am


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