Declare War!!

So I have officially discovered my new inspiration for getting into shape… as if getting married wasn’t enough lol. I know I may be a little late in noticing but Miss Christina Hendricks of MadMen is one Hollywood beauty that I applaud. She proudly flaunts her curvy and buxom character. I wish I was as embracing of what God has given me as she is. I may never be a size 8 again but I would be ok with it knowing that I was in shape.

What started off my search for a better inspiration candidate was my FI suggesting I buy a bikini this year. I had to pause to pick my jaw up off the floor because I have not worn a bikini since I was 12. Tankini-yes but a tummy revealing bikini was something I believed to long be in the past.

This summer may prove to be the best opportunity to get up off my lazy rear and take control again of my weight before it becomes a major issue. I will be taking summer courses which will eat up some of my time, but as it is there are no job prospects. This leaves copious amounts of time open for me to take that first step.

I am not just doing this for a dress on my wedding day (though it won’t hurt J). I am not doing this to merely look like another woman. I am doing this for me… for my health… for my confidence. I want to look as sassy as I feel.

This will be a test of my patience, perseverance, and endurance. No more giving up when it gets hard. No more dwelling on the numbers on the scale to tell me my beauty. I will simply create and stick to workout routines. I will wait for the results to happen. Weighing myself may not be the best idea so perhaps I will stick to measurements. I want to push through this.

The only thing that I believe to be in my way is myself… and the excuses I make. Well self…. This is my declaration of war.

There will be physical and mental pain but you will overcome it. Diligence and careful watch are required but the results will be worth it. You owe it to yourself to have a healthy and confident future. You owe it to your FI because he deserves a long life with you. A life full of adventures: ones that would be difficult to pursue with health and weight problems. You owe this to your future kids who would want a mom who can run around the yard to play with them. You owe this to your friends who deserve to have a friendship that truly lasts a lifetime.

You are a sassy bright girl who has spent her life taking care of others. It is now time to take care of yourself in order that you may better care for others in the future. This a commitment that if broken leads to pain for others as well as yourself.

You will battle but you will overcome. The results my friend far outweigh the efforts put into it.

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 4:03 am


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