Deer Run Pavilion (Newport News Golf Club) OR The Green Leafe Loft???

I was curious to know if anyone has had either their wedding or wedding reception at Deer Run Pavilion (Newport News Golf Club) or at the Green Leafe Loft in Williamsburg? I am trying to find a reasonable place to hold my ceremony and reception and these two seem to be the best so far from what I am finding. If I hold the reception at the Green Leafe Loft then I will need to do the actual ceremony else where and right now I am considering the Peace Garden in the Newport News Park. Has anyone done their ceremony there? If I choose the Deer Run Pavilion at Newport News Golf Club, I have the option of hosting the ceremony there or at the Peace Garden. I haven't had much success finding pictures of other couples online to give me an idea of how either place looks once it is all decorated or much success on finding reviews from couples. Both places are "cheap" compared to pretty much everyone else I have been inquiring with. So has anyone held their ceremony or reception at any of these place OR been to a wedding at any of them? Do you have any pictures you can share so I can get a good idea of the space etc? Any good points to them or have you had any negative aspects to using any of them? All comments are GREATLY appreciated - I am tired of stressing and dealing with this aspect of the planning!!

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 10:55 pm


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