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Dream Dress on a Very Tight Budget!

Hi Ladies!

I'm Shannon and OuterInner saved me from my wedding dress nightmares! My fiance and I have been planning and saving for our wedding for over a year and a half and my biggest stressor was finding a dress that wouldn't break the bank. Being a "Big Busted Gal" many of the dresses I saw in store made me feel like I was either gonna bust out of the dress, was to plain looking or made me look huge! And the price for a nice, non-plain dress in my size was in the $700-$800 dollar minimum range. Way more then my budget could handle.

After waking up one night from my wedding dress nightmares, I got on-line and started browsing for wedding dresses in my budget range. OuterInner was one of the first sites that popped up in browser. The site looked great and was easy to explore. Right away I found many dresses in my price range and I could give them my measurements for a custom fit! I also found beautiful bridesmaids dresses for under $100.00- well within my girls budgets and they could wear them for other events!

I ordered my dress over Thanksgiving weekend for less than $200.00 with shipping. Ordering on line was easy. I was able to enter my custom measurements in and pick the exact color of the dress I wanted. I went with a cream color as I look better in cream than white. 

I was able to track my dress at each stage of creation by loging in on-line to my account and could even ask questions about my dress if I wanted too.

The dress arrived safe and sound to my door step and it even arrived quicker than expected month long wait time! It is simply beautiful and well made. The dress has the option for shoulder straps and comes with all the undercoats already sewn in.

I tried the dress on and found that it was too big in the bust area (thanks to working out) and needed to be altered. I took it to my local bridal shop and the sales woman loved the dress. All the ladies who worked on my dress came out to see me in it and had wonderful comments about the dress. The dress needed minimal alterations in the bust/strap area and I had them put a bustle in.

I can't wait to wear the dress on the big day and see my girls in theirs!


Posted on May 17, 2013 at 11:37 am


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