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You're planning your wedding day!

It's a day when all your relatives and friends will join you in

celebrating the most important day of your life.


All aspects of your wedding day should reflect you and your

spouse - especially your first dance together!

No previous dance experience? Not a problem.
On a conservative budget? Not a problem.
Only one month until your wedding day!

Not a problem.

At Dance Studio Lioudmila, we can create a picture perfect dance that will thrill

your parents, the In-Laws, all your guests, and stay within your wedding budget!


Wedding Couple Private Lesson* rates:    

Number of Lesson Rates per Lesson


1 - 4 $77.00
5 - 10 $75.00
10+ $73.00

Discounted rates for 15 and more lessons. 


*Rates are for Wedding Couples preparing for their Wedding Day First Dance only. Rates do not apply to General Private Dance Lessons which starts at $80 a lesson.


Group Classes for Wedding Couple, Families and Friends

Please contact Lioudmila or Sergeui for special rate or payment information. We offer discounted rates for the Wedding Couple, Families and Friends!

Number of People Rates

4 People

$20 each, per class

6 People

$15 each, per class

8 People or more

$13 each, per class


Less than four people is considered a private lesson.

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