For the main event or for a "Stand In" - CZ Rings - Serious bling! 2 Sterling Silver CZ Sets for Sale!

I have gone back and forth on my style for my rings "a few times" and finally settled on a halo that is fabulous! But while I was going through some musings on the subject I ordered a few "fabulous fakes" to see what I liked and also to see what certain rings would look like with my original, marquise engagement ring. I don't need them anymore, they don't fit my right hand which is 1/2 size bigger so I may as well give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them.

First off, here is a lovely sterling silver .925 rhodium plated set with a 1 carat equivalent CZ center. It's a 3 ring set. You can wear the marquise alone, wear one of the other rings with it (which is what I planned to do with my my marquise) or wear all 3 for serious bling!

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I will take $30 + $5 shipping for it. I paid $40 plus shipping and never wore it other than to try the bands on with my actual Ering.

Next I have the set called "Geneva" on Fantasy Jewelry Box. It's gorgeous! Also rhodium over sterling silver. It looks VERY real. The ering is 1.5 carat equivalent and it's 2.25 carat total CZ. It is really pretty and blingtastic. Here are the stock photos and one of it on my ugly hand. LOL I never wore it either, just tried it on a few times. It's heavy and good quality jewelry!

I have gone back photo 3349583-4I have gone back photo 3349583-5I have gone back photo 3349583-6I have gone back photo 3349583-7

This is $63.95 right now on the Fantasy Jewelry Box site and I actually paid more than that when I bought it a couple months ago but I am willing to take $50 + $5 shipping for it.

Both these sets look perfect like they have never ever been worn. Message me or email me at if you are interested!

Posted on May 8, 2012 at 10:21 am

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