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So when we got married in August, we had my sister say some words on my behalf ( she did a great job...I still can't watch the video cuz it makes me cry haha...and we had DH's brother say a few words (his part was eh cuz he didn't know what to say and how to follow up my sister and was CLEARLY unprepared!)....

We're having a friends only reception this Friday and for this one, we asked my two best friends C & N to give the speeches/toasts and DH's friends D & C.  D & C agreed right away and said they kinda felt on the spot but were totally honored to do it.  C & N were excited but were like "oh we're nervous blah blah"...

On nevermind the fact that I was the Maid of Honor for N's wedding and we were only like 23 and I still gave a speech at her wedding even though I was terrified but I knew it was important to her.  AND I actually left my speech at the salon so I had to come up with it on the spot at the reception and everything.  And for C I did everything for her wedding and she didn't have speeches at the wedding so I gave a toast at her shower and everything.  Not because I wanted to but because THEY asked me to and I wanted to do it for them.

So now when its finally my turn, why is it such a big deal?  C hasn't complained at all and she said she'll figure something out.  When I went to dinner with N a while ago, she tried to tell me she was really shy and not good at public speaking blah blah...Oh whatever, you're 30 years old and you've known me for 25 of those years...suck it up!...Of course I didn't say that, I just said I wasn't that comfortable at her wedding either but I did it and now it was her turn.  She was like "yeah I know...I'll figure it out but you know I love you..."

Fast forward to TODAY.......3 days before my reception..she texts saying "so will you hate me if my part of the speech is really short?"  I was really frustrated and just wrote back "do whatever you feel comfortable doing"....I mean I don't really want to dictate what she should say and how long it should then she texted back saying "you know my speech could never encompass everything that's in my know that right?"

ARGH!  I kind of didn't text back because I was so frustrated.  I wanted to type "well you can try try!"...or the other way of writing and being like "well part of me wants to tell you to suck it up and part of me wants to tell you to just forget about it".

I don't know what to do ...I know I'm whining but it really frustrates me...Shouldn't it be about me?  I mean when I'm in someone's wedding, I don't worry about myself being nervous or uncomfortable or anything...I do whatever the bride wants.  Why is she coming to me with this?  I hate feeling this way but I feel like I do soooo much for everyone else but when it finally comes down to it and its something for me, even my bestest friends won't step up!  :(

Sorry for such a long vent and I know I've been complaining a lot lately but I can't help it :(

Posted on November 10, 2010 at 2:31 pm


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