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Help needed from wedding vendors!

Hi guys! I'm starting a wedding blog and want to make sure I work closely with vendors, listen to them and find out how they want me to help change those things they're not happy about, when they work with bloggers. Can you help? If so please help me answer these 2 questions, and if you want to be featured in my vendor section, feel free to leave your contact or site info or send it as a private message.

1. Would you prefer to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to be listed on a wedding blog's vendor directory listing section? If so, how much are you happy to pay monthly or yearly?

OR would you prefer to list only your product or service in a wedding blogger's store and pay a commission only when any product or service is sold? If so, how much commission are you happy to pay?

2. As a wedding vendor, can you let me know of anything you would like a blogger to do to make you have trust that they are working in your best interest? Feel free to voice any opinion or concerns. 

I'm happy to take all your sincere opinions on board and do my best to make a real difference.

Thanks guys!

Posted on November 2, 2016 at 7:58 pm


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