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Hi all

Hi all. I created this group for us all to have a place 24/7 to come to and vent our frustrations out. If you're like me you have a LOT going on and don't really have anyone to unload all your frustrations on so hopefully this helps. Feel free to post whatever you'd like. Vent about work, friends, family, the wedding, the marriage, anything you are having problems with. I always feel way better after I have unloaded all of my issues and hopefully you all do too. I'm hoping this can be very therapuetic for us all and help get rid of some of the drama and stress. Also there are only 8000 characters allowed per post so please keep this in mind. I tried to post a vent on a separate thread that Kaytana17 had started quite a few times but I had written way too much so I had to break it up to a few different posts. lol Pretty bad but I hold everything in so it was nice to get some of it out. I LOVE PW for that. :)

Posted on September 30, 2009 at 5:21 pm


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