how many sizes can they alter a dress down??

I posted something about this in the regular forum but didn't get any advice on it. I am worried that my dress was ordered in the wrong size and won't fit when I get it. I am a size 18/20 pant size and the wedding dress that was ordered for me was a size 18w. It is an alfred angelo style 1516 dress. I went and tried on the size 20 at a different store and it fit me perfectly. I had one of those white bra things that went down my stomach like corsets do. I don't know if those are shapers or what they're called. Well a few weeks later when I went in to buy my dress from a different store the woman said that would be 2 sizes too small for me so she ordered me a size 18w and said that it would be the right size and would fit me with my body how it is now and with a shaper. I didn't think anything of it because she is the professional and I was in a huge hurry that day and had spaces what the previous lady had told me. Well I went to a different store the other day and tried on a size 20 to show my friend what it looked like on me and it fit me fine. It was not 2 sizes too small for me but was a little tight. The woman said that I should have had my dress ordered as a size 20 and that with the shaper it would fit me perfectly and the dress that was ordered for me would be too big. Also she said that the dress could only be taken down a couple sizes so I can't lose any weight or else that dress won't fit me. My question is this. Do you guys know how many sizes a dress can be altered down?? My dress would be very simple to alter because it is plain on the sides and only has detail on the front middle and the back middle. I put a pic below so you could see it. The store I bought it from said they could take it down at least 4 sizes if I needed them to but the other store said 2 sizes is the maximum. If two sizes is the maximum then I can't lose any weight because my dress was ordered two sizes too big i'm told. grrrrrrrrr this is confusing me. Do any of you have alfred angelo dresses and if so have you had your dress altered down in size and by how many sizes. If this doesn't make sense i'm sorry. I'm so frustrated. I am going in to talk to someone there on wednesday and see what's going on. I trusted them to order me the dress in the right size since I know nothing about wedding dress sizes so hopefully they did. I hope everything works out and i'm just stressing over nothing. Anyways here's the pic of the dress. TIA for any advice or opinions or answers. I appreciate it. :)

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Posted on October 25, 2009 at 11:12 am


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Depends on the dress and how good a seamstress you have I believe. Looking at that dress, I would think they could take it a few sizes without much dificulty. I don't think a couple of sizes will be a big deal at all.

Posted on October 26, 2009 at 2:53 am


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there is a difference between a regular 20 and an 18W

usually sizes with a "W" are cut wider

imo - i'd just wait until i get the dress before freaking out

i'm a 14 street and one of my gowns is an 18 b/c of the whole weird "bridal sizing" thing; another one of my dresses is a 20...   just depends on the designer - what you will need is a reputable seamstress - so start researching now so when you do get your dress - you ahve someone to take it to right away


Posted on November 15, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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