I Wish To Marry My Juliet, My Soulmate and Have Wedding of Her Dreams

Please visit (www indiegogo com/marry-me-juliet) and do what you can to help these two lovebirds follow their hearts and spend the rest of their lives together, even if it's simply clicking the Like button to share on Facebook.

The following is an excerpt from the wedding campaign:

I Wish To Marry My Princess, My Juliet, My Soulmate and Give Her The Beautiful Wedding She's Always Dreamed Of.

I'm thirty two years old and my life has just seemed like a constant struggle. I was working sixteen hour days just to stay afloat and felt like my life was going nowhere. I've had a few successes, but no one special to share them with. I was simply not happy. I was lonely. All I've ever wanted was to meet that special someone who gives me “butterflies” when we look at each other, covers me in goosebumps when we touch and ties my heart into a knot when we kiss. I desperately wanted to find that fairy-tale love you see in The Notebook and Titanic, but I was starting to think that that's all it was – a fairy-tale.

Then on July 18th, 2012 at 9:30pm, my life was changed forever. I was sad and down on myself, driving home from my parent's house. I stopped at the U-Pump station down the street and noticed this beautiful woman watching me walk to the door from inside her vehicle. I couldn't help but smile, that doesn't happen to me often. I reached for the door handle and she calls out my name, “Shawn! Shawn, is that you?!” I went to her window and she says, “You don't remember me, do you? We used to hang out with Erin...” Instantly, I'm like, “Amy?!” She smiles and nods, “Yup.” That was it, my heart started pounding and it felt like I was swallowing a golf ball. It was Amy, a girl I was absolutely crazy about 15 years ago. I couldn't help but check her finger for a ring (she confessed later that she did the same thing). She was the girl that got away and I never thought I would see her again. Everyone told me she had moved away, but here she was sitting right in front of me on a beautiful summer night. The last time I saw her, we shared an amazing kiss at a place called Mt. Misery. Was it fate? Is there such a thing?

Please visit (www indiegogo com/marry-me-juliet) to read the rest of the story and show your support! They need it. Thank you!

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