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Just wanted to share some of my experience with baby carriers for the moms to be.  I know there are popular names out there like the Ergo and the Moby.  But there are so many other options out there!  Even if you mainly drive to places and think you'll primarily use your stroller instead, having a baby carrier is super convenient.  I tried grocery shopping with my LO once with his infant carseat in the basket of the shopping cart.  It was ridiculous, I had to be creative about where to place the groceries!  The next time I went to the market, I got into the backseat of the car, took LO out of his carseat and into my baby carrier (Kinderpack) without a much of a protest from him.  And I shopped around, pushing the shopping cart while wearing him.  It made so much more sense!

Below are a few of the baby carriers that I have.  (Yeah, I went nuts BUT I do use them more often than I use my stroller.)  If you want to learn more, definitely check out the BC Babywearing forum. 

Btw, my LO almost always cries in protest when I put him in a carrier.  But after awhile, he falls asleep or he calms down when I start walking.  Don't be discouraged if your LO wails when you start to wear him/her. 

Soft Structured carrier (SSC)-  I was actually set on getting the Ergo before I learned about this gem called the Kinderpack.  DH and I love to go hiking a lot so we knew we wanted something that would be easy on our backs for long stretches of time.  After browsing through the Babywearing group on BC, I learned about the Kinderpack.  It's USA made by a work-at-home mom.  It's also much pricier than the Ergo but IMO it's so worth it.  Some features that it has over the Ergo is that it has a higher back (for head support or taller babies) and the width of the carrier can be adjusted for the proper seat coverage.  And no infant insert is necessary if you get the infant size, which lasts up to 18months or longer (max weight for all KPs is 50lbs).  It is by far my favorite carrier.  The only con is that the straps are a bit bulky for some's taste but I'm cool with it.  Oh, and the price again is a bit steep for something that you can't try on at a store.  It was scary to take a chance with it but I'm glad I did.  A similar brand available is called Tula Baby Carrier but I think that one also requires an infant insert.

Mei tais- My second favorite carrier.  It's an asian style carrier that's relatively easy to use.  You put it on like an apron, the hold onto baby while you reach behind you to cross the top straps.  They are also less bulky to lug around than SSC when travelling.  I have the Catbird Baby and I just ordered the Kozy Carrier in Grayson.  If you're great at sewing, you can even make your own.  My LO easily falls a sleep in it.

Woven wraps- Wovens are just like the Moby but instead of a stretchy fabric, it's made out of woven material (made in Europe) that is specially made grippy and supportive for babywearing.  If you like the Moby you might like woven wraps, though they are twice, maybe three times, the price of a Moby.  I have two but still have to get comfortable using them, a Vantanai Chartres and a used Didymos Waves.  The learning curve for wovens is steepest out of all the carriers.  I tried a few times with LO and he wailed.  I'll probably wait til he's old enough when I can do back carries.

Ring sling- Many moms swear by the ring sling.  I splurged and got the Sakura Bloom ring sling thinking it would work for us but LO hates it.  I get jealous of moms who can wear it so easily, it's quite stylish for a baby carrier.  Some moms even use the long tail of their sling as a coverup while breastfeeding.  Maybe it will work for you.  Other options include Sleep Baby Productions, Maya or Comfy Joes. 

K'tan- I got the K'tan as a gift and was super excited about it at first.  Like the Moby, it's made out of stretchy fabric.  I watched the youtube video on how to use it and was sold.  It's quick to put on and take LO off.  But the weight limit is about 20 lbs so it's not going to last that long.  And it's hot!  I like to use this carrier only at home and for a short period.

Hope this helps and would love to hear how you ladies babywear or plan to babywear.




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AuntTate- I like my Ergo okay but haven't tried it with baby in back. For me I'm not sure if I'd like the clip across the chest but I know that isn't an issue for everyone. I wish I would have thought to look at a Once upon a child to see if I could try different types/models on to see which fit best. Maybe you could do that?

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 10:17 am
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