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Every bride deserves to have a wedding without breaking the bank!





Experienced Wedding Planners are available at your price point!   We are now introducing YOUR WEDDING YOUR PRICE.  A new way of hiring at your price point. If we find your proposal tempting, we might just take it!  You have nothing to lose, just submit your offer!   If we take it, still no fees but what your offer is contracted for.  Simple! I know.  Just read the details below.

Here is an idea of what we can help you with.  


Wedding Planning

Day Of Coordination

Month Of Planning

Week Of Planning




Other Cool Stuff

Venue Research

Wedding Errands

Picking up Wedding Gown

Picking up Floral

Centerpiece Assembly

Decorating your venue

Ushering Guests

Reception Coordination

Ceremony Coordination

or anything wedding related

To use Your Wedding Your Price, please fill out our Submit Your Price form on our website.  If we accept your offer, you will receive a contract by email, after our consultation. To lock in your prices, you will have 1 day to sign and return the contract. Please note, Your Wedding Your Price offers are done by online only submission.  

Information needed:

  1.  Wedding date

  2.  Hours needed

  3.  Exact location or area of town

  4.  Name your price per service (i.e. day coordinator for 150 guests at $300, or $150 for Reception     Coordination.) 

  5. Be very specific in your offer for services

  6. Don't forget to include the price

  7. Presto, you're done! Within 48 hours you will be notified if your price has been accepted and if your date is available

We will not respond if you do not include all the information requested.  Please be fair. This service is not designed for everyone.  Many people truly want a deal regardless of budget.  You may have a wedding budget of 40K+, and find this service appealing.  You truly might be on a tight budget, and need a price that you can afford, and glad you found a place to submit your offer.  Whatever your reason, value is what you feel it's worth.   Good luck with your offer!

Posted on October 29, 2011 at 11:28 am

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