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My favorite time of the year is here!!!  : )     Here are some ideas I found for decorating with garland. 


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Frosted Snowflake Christmas Garland

Freshly-cut garland is intertwined with twinkling lights and giant felt snowflakes to offer a warm winter's welcome to your holiday guests. Cut small openings in the center of each felt snowflake. Attach pairs of felt snowflakes every few feet along a string of icicle lights, lining up the top and bottom tips with the strand and securing with hot glue to each side; allow the lights covered by the snowflake pair to poke out of the sides and the opening in the middle. Twist the light strand with the added snowflakes around a large evergreen garland to create a bright winter look.

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Christmas Chair Swags

Holiday garlands and swags don't have to be saved for the front door or the grand entry staircase -- small Christmas swags made from fresh greenery are festively tied to the back of dining chairs. Use florist's wire to bundle the greenery -- adding herbs, small flowers, or decorative branches -- to the bunch. Loop a ribbon around each chair back to tie the bouquet, adding the perfect finishing touch to your holiday table setting.

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Simple Bay Leaf Garland

An entryway can be simple yet stunning with a large, leafy garland. Here, orange ribbon adds a pop of color to a bay leaf staircase garland and wreath.


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Chandelier Garland

Bring a festive focal point to a streamlined dining room by hanging a clean and simple evergreen Christmas garland from a chandelier or other overhead light fixture and along the mantel.

Editor's Tip: If your chandelier holds candles like the one shown, do not leave lit candles unattended at any time.


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Christmas Greeting Garland

Customize a ready-made pinecone garland with ornaments that coordinate with the color of your front door to welcome your guests with traditional style. Position the Christmas garland outside the doorframe, and secure it at the top and along the sides with easy-to-remove self-adhesive hooks or brick clips.


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Felt Flower Garland

A parade of felt flowers is a sweet alternative to the usual ribbon and pinecones adorning evergreen boughs. To make the flowers, cut six 2-inch and six 1-1/2-inch felt circles. Layer a small and large circle, with one edge touching. Pinch a set of circles together at the bottom; run a threaded needle through the four layers. Repeat for remaining five petals; knot ends. String finished flowers through centers with a needle and thread to form garland.


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Big Bow Christmas Garland

Graceful bows with long tails dramatically enhance a simple evergreen garland. Cut extra-long strips of material, tie into bows, and attach to the stair railing about 3 feet apart.


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Modern Snowflake Garland

Garlands go beyond fir. Add modern flair to your stair railing with a snowflake garland handcrafted from wooden craft sticks. Use two or three pieces of double-sided mounting tape per snowflake to hold the lacy patterns flat against the railings.


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Reindeer Games Garland

Recycle old Christmas cardsand dress up a handsome evergreen garland at the same time. Trace Christmas shapes (we used a reindeer) onto old cards and cut them out. Thread red string through holes punched in the tops to hang the shapes from the evergreen swag.


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Natural Pinecone Garland

Bring the forest inside with a pinecone garland. Cut a length of wire and twist around the stem of a pinecone; repeat until the garland is the desired length. Display with plenty of evergreens to capture the holiday woodland look.


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Stocking and Greenery Garland

No fireplace to hang stockings? No problem. Simply hang your family's stockings from the stair railing. Here, red stockings are paired with a garland of greenery for a classic Christmas look.


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Ribbons and Wreaths Garland

For an alternative to greenery garlands, swag ribbon along your banister and accent with small wreaths. Simply wrap a length of wire around each wreath and twist the ends together around the rail.


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And here is some more:

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Evergreen Doorway Garland

You'll forget you're entering the kitchen when you walk through this wintry evergreen arch. The evergreen garland hung around the doorway is decorative and useful -- it holds Christmas cards.

Editor's Tip: Secure the Christmas cards to the garland by tucking them neatly into the boughs or hanging them on the branches with small pieces of twine.


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Simple Christmas Swag

Create a simply stunning garland with ribbon and ornaments. Start with a piece of ribbon cut to the desired garland length. Cut shorter pieces of ribbon to thread through ornament hooks and wrap around the long ribbon, securing with a knot. Tie a cluster of ornaments topped with a wide, complementary-color ribbon to each end of the garland.


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Grand Entrance Garland

Hang a simple green garland around a doorway to create a frame around the Christmas scene ahead. To attach the garland to the molding, wrap florist's wire around the garland and tie to small nails spaced every foot or two.


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Pair a Similar Wreath and Garland

Dress a window with a basic pine garland for instant holiday cheer -- simple yet stunning. If you want a little extra decoration, hang a small wreath topped with a bright red bow inside the window.


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Boxwood and Magnolia Garland

Seven clusters of boxwood and magnolia leaves hang from a ribbon for an easy and unexpected mantel decoration. To make, cut the boxwood and magnolia branches to the desired length (about 8 inches for most swags). Gather the greens into small bunches and wrap the stems together with florist's tape. Cut 3-inch-wide ribbon double the length of the mantel. Tie knots in the ribbon at equidistant points. Before tightening the knots, slip the stems of the greens into them. For the ends, use slightly larger bundles of greens and multiple knots.


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Stairway Showcase Garland

For a twist on the traditional garland-dressed banister, try this accent. Wire double swags of green tinsel garland at intervals along the banister rail, and tie ornaments dangling from silver ribbon. To add clusters of greenery and holly, tightly wrap wire around the railing for each cluster and tuck cuttings securely beneath the wire.


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Gingerbread Friends Garland

These gingerbread friends hold hands to create a delicious holiday decoration for your mantel. Make the garland with actual gingerbread cookies or with oven-bake clay for a longer lasting decoration.



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