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We've followed eachother's journey from BFP to birth. Let's have a thread completely devoted to that special day when you welcomed your new baby into your life. Please share the story of the day your LO was born.

Baby's Name:

Date of Birth:

Baby's Height:

Baby's Weight:

Story of Delivery:


Posted on September 7, 2010 at 11:29 am


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Baby's Name: Coralie Joy

Date of Birth: 9/2/11

Baby's Height: 21 inches

Baby's Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz

Story of Delivery & pictures:

Coralie Joy born Sept photo 3130972-1

On Thursday, Sept. 1, I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and had lost my mucous plug. I woke up every hour or so till the morning with wet underwear, but not enough to think my water had broken- but I knew something was happening. I called my doc’s office when it opened and the nurse told me my water was probably broken part way and slowly leaking. Since I was scheduled to go into the hospital at 6 pm anyway for Cervadil, she told me just to wait and come in as planned. I took it easy during the day, didn’t feel any contractions. I went and got my nails done. We had a nice dinner at home and headed to the hospital at around 5:30.

At the hospital, the nurse confirmed my water had broken and because it had been broken for 15+ hours at that point, they hooked me up to antibiotics to make sure the baby didn’t get an infection.

I was supposed to have received Cervadil that night, but Cervadil is an insert and the doctor said that because of the water having already been broken, an insert could pose a risk of infection. So instead, I was given Cytotec in the form of a pill in order to ripen the cervix.

My water broke all the way around 9 pm and contractions started on their own around 9:45 pm at 7 minutes apart. After just a few, they were 5 minutes apart and were getting harder and faster quickly.

By 10:30 p.m., contractions were 2 minutes apart and I was in active labor at 3 cm dilated. I had completely skipped the first part of labor and my body went immediately into active labor.

Around 12:30 a.m., I asked for a narcotic. Surprisingly, as soon as I had asked, my contractions slowed down by themselves and I was able to handle them better for a little longer before I took the narcotic.

The nurse brought me Nubian and an epidural consent form, just in case I wanted an epidural later, she didn’t want to me sign one while I was on the narcotic. I agreed at that point, because I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to take the pain.

The Nubian was supposed to last about 45 minutes to an hour, but after 30 minutes, my contractions started getting harder and closer together and I thought it had run out entirely. It hadn’t, the contractions were just that much worse.

Once the Nubian totally wore off, I handled the contractions for another 15 minutes or so before I asked Matthias if he would be disappointed if I got an epidural. I was so worried he’d be upset with me if I asked for one. Like I had asked him to, he tried to talk me out of it to see if I really wanted one. By the time I asked for an epidural, I still had 750 ml of saline to get into my bloodstream to push the antibiotics through. The nurse set it to administer at the fastest setting, which was 1 liter per hour, meaning I still had to go 45 minutes before I could consider an epidural.

In the meantime, my contractions sped back up to about 2 minutes apart and I had barely time to relax in between them. The saline ran out around 2 a.m. so we called the nurse to check my cervix. She was about to check my cervix when I got a contraction so she waited.

However, she saw that the contraction wasn’t stopping- it was just running into the next one and that one ran into the next one. And the baby’s heartbeat fell down to 70 bpm because she couldn’t “breathe” in between contractions. The pain was so intense without breaks that I started blacking out, going in and out of consciousness.

When I was able to pull myself awake on and off, I just saw how scared Matthias looked, I saw four nurses standing around my bedside all talking quickly and doing something with the baby and the on-call doctor inserting something onto the baby. They were all rushing and one nurse gave me an oxygen mask.

The doc had hooked a spider monitor onto the baby’s head and it required 3 nurses to hold my legs up and open because I kept blacking out and fighting the contractions when I was conscious.

Once the monitor was on the baby’s head and they could see her heartbeat was still too low, they gave me a shot of something to slow down the contractions. It worked within a minute and a half or so, and once the contractions slowed down the oxygen mask on me helped to get the baby’s heartbeat back up. It normalized back to the 150s-160s.

I got the epidural about 3:30 a.m. At this point, they also put me on Pitocin so they could better regulate the contractions since they were so sporadic.

I remember that my left side was TOO numb, so numb that it hurt, but my right side was not numb enough. It wasn’t really all that bad, I didn’t suffer through every contraction on my right side, but I could definitely feel them.

An hour and 20 minutes after I got the epidural, I progressed to 9 cm. The contractions were 2 minutes apart the entire time I was on the epidural. I got a catheter a little while later.

I stayed at 9 cm for about an hour and didn’t progress. I had gotten to 9 cm really quickly and then just stopped progressing. The next time I was checked I was 9.5 cm. Then, around 9:15 a.m, I was ready to push.

At 9:40, I started to push. Around 10 a.m., my OB arrived. It was two “rounds” of pushing later that I gave birth at 10:17 a.m.! The cord had been wrapped around her neck once, which the doc said could have been why the baby’s heart rate dropped so low earlier when the contractions all ran together. I waited a moment and didn’t hear crying yet, it was 3-4 seconds before she let out a few little cries in a row. It was such a sweet sound and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The baby was quickly evaluated on my tummy on top of my gown and cleaned enough to be put on my chest.

Baby got a 9 on her 1-minute apgar and another 9 on her 5-minute apgar!

The nurses all left us, and Matthias and I sat with our baby for a little while just admiring how perfect she is and how wonderful everything worked out! It was the absolute best moment of my life and I'm so in love with my little girl.

The first photos:

Coralie Joy born Sept photo 3130972-2

Coralie Joy born Sept photo 3130972-3

And when we were getting ready to leave the hospital on Sunday:

Coralie Joy born Sept photo 3130972-4

Posted on October 12, 2011 at 1:49 pm


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Baby's Name: grace anne goldsmith

Date of Birth: 27-10-2011

Baby's Height: 45 cms

Baby's Weight: 6lb 2 ozs

Story of Delivery: Grace's birth

Started Thursday night at around 6.15pm I was standing in the kitchen about to serve up tea when I suddenly felt a gush come from between my legs and sort of panicked and ran to the toilet... I wiped straight away to see if it was clear or not... It was bright red blood and alot of it!! I kept wiping and the blood kept coming, I yelled out to Isaac and he came running in... I told him to call the hospital straight away. He started calling them while I was still on the toilet trying to figure out how I was going to stop this blood from gushing out!*
Hospital told us to come up straight away obviously... We got in the car and drive straight there! When we went in they wheeled me straight up and put the trace/monitor on me and they found her heart beat straight away... A massive sigh of relief came over me that she was still moving and was still alive!!
The doctor finally came in after my mum and sister arrived... He did an internal and wanted to know where the blood was coming from. The minute he finished he said 'you won't be leaving without a baby tonight! And I'm afraid the only safe way is to cut her out' I told him to do what needs to be done to make sure she was ok and healthy!*
He explained to me that my placenta has ruptured and it is probably falling away from my uterus! I was shocked because I had my 37 week appointment yesterday and they did an ultrasound and it was all good!!!
So it's now about 7.30pm and they have brought in all these forms for us to fill put and sign! Isaac was very over whelmed and wasn't sure what to do... And truthfully neither was I, I was soo scared about getting the spinal done, more so than I was about having a ceaser done! They eventually wheeled me up to surgery where I really started to shit myself! I was soo scared and so not ready because it was all happening so fast!!
It was about 8pm when they finally did my spinal! And I was shocked with how much it didn't hurt! I was expecting a massive needle that would just absolutely hurt but all it was, was a lot of pressure and a sting like any other needle! By the time they had finished that and rolled me back onto my back I could hardly feel my legs! I felt all warm and tingerly all over except for my face! It was the most surreal feeling! Going completely numb from my neck down and not having control over Anything!! *When they wheeled me into the operating room, I felt like I was having a really bad nightmare! Then isaac came in, all dressed up in his scrubs lol he looked so scared and so worried!! He held my hand and spoke to me the entire time they were getting her out!*
8:42pm we heard it! The tiniest, cutest little cry! Just a few cries at first and then a few more!! I couldn't believe it!! They held her up over the curtain and both Isaac and I were in disbelief that our daughter was out, our daughter was perfect and healthy!!! They stitched me up and Isaac cut the cord and got to watch them clean her up! She didn't cry the entire time they were doing that! Every one kept telling us how small she was and how gorgeous she is! When I finally got out into recovery I held my daughter for the first time and she took straight to my boob! She was half an hour old and she was already latched and sucking down very hard!*
The doctor came and saw me and he said my placenta would not have lasted much longer, he said I was very lucky to get to the hospital when I did because it could have been very dangerous for me and for grace!!
We finally got back up to the ward at about 10pm... My mum and Sam were there waiting! They were in complete shock and in awe that she was out and she was tiny and beautiful!!!
So there it is! My daughter Grace Anne goldsmith was born on the 27th of October at 8:42pm, weighing 6lbs 2ozs 45cms long...with a head full of curly brown hair, green eyes and already a breast feeding champ after feeding 4 times tonight already Grace s birth Started photo 3202376-1 she has my nose and my mouth and she has her daddy's chin! She is truly a beautiful miracle!!*


my bump the day i had her at 37+2 weeks

Baby s Name grace photo 3215236-1

just born

Baby s Name grace photo 3215236-2

2 days old

Baby s Name grace photo 3215236-3

Baby s Name grace photo 3215236-4

going home

Baby s Name grace photo 3215236-5

Posted on November 14, 2011 at 11:37 am
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