PSA: Discount Offer for Gown Preservation

Hey Ladies,
I am not planning on preserving my gown, but I got this offer by email from Stephi Stewart from

Picture this:

It's your wedding day...

You're wearing that stunning designer gown that you paid an arm and a leg for.

"It's worth every penny," you think to yourself.

"I've never looked this gorgeous in my life!"

Just then, Uncle Harold stumbles over, gulping (his fourth) red wine.

As he's telling you how beautiful you look, he gestures wildly with his hands.

Suddenly, in one of those bizarre "everything's- happening-in-slow-motion" moments, half of the wine in Uncle Harold's glass comes sloshing out and - before you can step out of the way - SPILLS RIGHT DOWN THE FRONT OF YOUR DRESS.


You made it through twelve months of wedding planning without ever turning into a Bridezilla, but now you can't help yourself.

"OMIGOD!" you shriek. "What did you do?!
I wanted my daughter to wear this dress someday and now it's ruined forever!

Your dress CAN BE SAVED even from the
worst disaster thanks to an amazing service I want to tell you about...

Have you heard of the Wedding Gown
Preservation Company?

They're an amazing service that specializes in the care, cleaning, restoration and preservation of gowns, and they've been doing it for over 90 years!

It's no surprise they've been in business so long since their "process" will not only REMOVE every stain on your wedding gown...

...but will also PERFECTLY PRESERVE your dress so it will stay like NEW for years to come!

Believe it!

How does gown preservation work?

When you entrust your dress to "The Wedding Gown Preservation Company," your dress will be restored to its original condition.

Utilizing their modern lab and equipment, their experienced staff of professionals preserve your gown with their special anti-sugar treatment developed specifically to prevent yellowing and discoloration...

And finally stored in a special preservation chest that will protect your gown for decades (Gua-ran-teed!).

Ordering their service is like a FOOLPROOF INSURANCE POLICY so you can take off on your honeymoon WITHOUT WORRY, knowing your dress (whatever condition you left it in) will be taken care of immediately and preserved in PRISTINE CONDITION for years...

Phew... what a relief!

So how much does something like this cost?

Actually, professional wedding gown cleaning and preservation can cost as much as $300 or more from your local dry cleaner who doesn't even specialize in wedding gowns!

Here's the good news...

I've negotiated a very SPECIAL DEAL for my readers (that means YOU!)

It's actually THE LOWEST-PRICE you'll find on the internet (or in any bridal shop)...

However, this special Private Offer is only available for a LIMITED TIME* as part of a special "marketing test" which I'll tell you about in just a few secs...

Wondering why you should preserve your dress?

Think about it this way:

When you saw "The Dress of Your Dreams" you HAD to have it, even though it probably cost more than every dress you've ever bought (put together).

And if you just stuff it in the back of a closet or pack it away in an attic, it is going to get discolored, lose its shape, and basically become useless.

A dress that special and beautiful shouldn't be worn once and then left for dead, should it?

Seriously, there's no underestimating the sentimental value of looking at your wedding dress years from now and having it be in the exact same condition as when you first laid eyes on it.

And when it comes to the feeling you'll have if your future daughter decides to walk down the aisle wearing your wedding gown, well...

You can't put a price tag on that.

And even if you COULD...these preservation kits would STILL be an AMAZING DEAL!

You've probably seen the EXACT SAME KITS in bridal shops and online priced anywhere from
$129 to $199, but as I mentioned earlier, I've negotiated a "special arrangement" with The Wedding Gown Preservation Company which SAVES YOU
$32 off the retail price for their TRADITIONAL kit and a whopping $62 off their CELEBRITY package!

There's just one catch...

This private offer is part of a special "marketing test"
I convinced them to try, so to get your kit at these RIDICULOUSLY-LOW-PRICES, you need to order directly through my shopping cart link below by 12 MIDNIGHT this coming Thursday, May 24TH.

Sound good?


Here's how EASY it is for you to arrange in advance to PRESERVE your gown:

Decide which Package Option is right for you:

(Only $97 via this private offer)
- Professional "Steam" Cleaning
- White Gloss Finish Preservation Chest
- 100% Guarantee Against Carmelized Sugar Stains
Or Yellowing
- FREE SHIPPING both ways!

(Only $137 via this private offer)
Upgrade includes...
- Professional "Hand Pressed" Cleaning (V.I.P. Treatment)
- Wrapped in "Museum Quality" Unbleached Muslin
- Shimmering Silver Preservation Chest*
(*displays gowns with beading, crystals beautifully!)
- Deluxe Inner Storage Case For An Added Layer
of Protection
- Disposable Outer Shipping Container
- 100% Guarantee Against Carmelized Sugar Stains
Or Yellowing
- FREE SHIPPING both ways!

Order your package from my PRIVATE DISCOUNT links (see below)...

When you receive the kit 7-10 days later, if it's before your wedding, store it under or your bed until after the big day... or if you've already gotten married, go ahead and place the provided stain stickers on areas of your the gown that need special attention.

Ship gown (and any accessories) in the packaging materials provided via UPS or FedEx (all prepaid so there's no additional cost or hassle to you!)

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company will handle your dress with personal care, preserve it, then ship it back to you within 10-15 business days from the day they receive it.

It's quick, simple and OH SO WORTH IT!

Go here for the TRADITIONAL PACKAGE (ONLY $97!)

Go here for the CELEBRITY PACKAGE (ONLY $137!)

Now you can relax and actually ENJOY your reception worry free!

So go ahead - Raise your glass to a lifetime of perfectly preserved memories...

(Even if Uncle Harold IS in toasting distance.)


- Stephi

P.S. - Makes a great shower or wedding gift!

Stephi Stewart Weddings, Inc.
311 N. Robertson Drive - Suite 114
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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Posted on May 22, 2007 at 11:39 am


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very cool! Thanks for the heads up on the deal! I'm thinking about preserving my dress this winter after the wedding.
Posted on May 23, 2007 at 7:30 am

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