TakeOutBoxes-AquaRibbon-DIY Supplies-Sandcastle-Low Prices!


Lots more things added! TONS More on my website- http://www.mywedding.com/ericandkaila/custom5.html

My email to contact me is cherr1k at hotmail dot com

Love Birds- Great for embellishing your cardbox with or any other DIY project. $2 Lots more things added photo 1156768-1Lots more things added photo 1156768-2

Plain large/medium sized chinese take out boxes- Never used! I believe these are the regular or standard size as I also have the small ones I am selling below. In total I have 23 of these I want to sell altogether for $15Lots more things added photo 1156768-3

Here are the smaller sized or pint sized chinese take out containers. They all have a sticker on them that can easily be replaced with your own so it does not show. I started putting satin aqua ribbon around some of them to dress them up but this can easily be taken off. None of these have been used, they are in brand new condition. I have exactly 50 of these I would like to sell altogether for $35. I have more aqua ribbon below if you would like to finish dressing the rest of the containers up.Lots more things added photo 1156768-4

Satin Bridal Bag- Brand new never used! $3Lots more things added photo 1156768-5

Sheer white organza shimmer dot ribbon- Wired edge, 2.5 in X 30ft. ONly used a small portion, More than half of the roll is remaining. $2Lots more things added photo 1156768-6

Aqua Shimmer Ribbon- Wired edge, 2.5in X 30ft- None Used! $4Lots more things added photo 1156768-7

Blue shimmery Ribbon- Wired Edge, 1.5in X 30ft- small portion used, More than half the roll remaining. $2Lots more things added photo 1156768-8

Small Real-sand Sandcastle Sculpture- I used these to make my homemade centerpieces. I had this small one as an extra. It is so adorable and in great condition. I'm attaching a picture of my centerpieces so you can see how I used them. Selling this one for $5Lots more things added photo 1156768-9Lots more things added photo 1156768-10

8 Rolls of aqua Satin ribbon- 1/4in X9ft. None have been used! I just unrolled the roll so you can see the color which is gorgeous. Asking $10 for all 8 rollsLots more things added photo 1156768-11

4 Rolls of aqua/turquoise shimmery organza ribbon- Wired Edge, 5/8in X 9ft. None used! Asking $7 for all 4 rollsLots more things added photo 1156768-12Lots more things added photo 1156768-13

2 Bottles of Floral Fancies embellishments- 48 pieces per bottle, Aquamarine color. These are the perfect thing to embellish your place cards or invitations! I opened one bottle to show you how the flowers looked, but none of them were ever used! Selling both bottles for $10. Lots more things added photo 1156768-14Lots more things added photo 1156768-15

Large Letter/Number Stencils- These are perfect for making signs for your wedding.. They are pop-out so you can either color the inside stencil or outline the inner piece that pops out. I used them to do a big Thank You sign for photos but you can also use them for Wedding this way signs etc. Most of them are un-used... The only letter that has been used is T.. which I will still include as they can be used over and over. Also includes numbers 0-9 which is great for doing your table #'s, and includes ? , ; & $ "Selling all of these for $7Lots more things added photo 1156768-16Lots more things added photo 1156768-17

2 Bottles of Tahiti Blue acrylic paint- I used this for my candy buffet letters as you can see from the photos. Most paint still remaining. I wouldn't even say I used a 1/4 of one bottle, they both feel full! 2 fl oz each. Selling both together for $5Lots more things added photo 1156768-18

1 Bottle of Brush on glitter paint in crystal color- Never used! 2 fl oz- $2Lots more things added photo 1156768-19

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Also check out www.koyalwholesale.com for floral supplies, take out boxes, ribbon, DIY supplies (and other wedding supplies) within your budget.  Koyal carries over 10,000 wedding and event supplies.  You can also use Coupon Code PW15 to get $15 off your purchase of $100 or more. Expires 12/31/09.  Good luck!  - Shayna

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 4:47 am

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